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A lot of people probably do not think about roadway trucking, and those people who utilize the services of providers of roadway trucking likely do not think about the whole concept behind roadway trucking until they have a use for it.

In essence, if you have a need to transport any types of goods over large stretches of distance, you should look at this service because it is one of the most convenient means of approaching transportation.

An example of a time when you might need to transport goods over long distances is when you need to move important objects from state to state.


What Service does Roadway Trucking provide?

The service of roadway shipping is something that people require if they do not have their own big vehicle for transportation purposes. Now, since the majority of people probably do not just have their own large vehicle lying around that they keep on hand just for these long-distance transportation needs, they are going to need roadway trucking more than they initially think.

The roadway freight that you need transported over big land masses can take the form of various situations. For instance, it may be that you have a need for moving your old furniture from your current residence to your new residence in another state, or it might very well be that you just have to transport your cargo freight from your own factory to the location of your client.

Whatever the situation that you are facing, roadway trucking services are meant to make transportation needs less stressful.

Other times, it may very well be that you require updates on the exact status of your trucking shipment. This is entirely understandable to say the least, as clients of roadway trucking companies have a right to always be informed of the status of their freight and of the progress that their freight is making as it is being transported across the country.

If customers require information on the status of their truck, they should be able to rely on the roadway tracking capabilities of a roadway trucking company. Any reputable and able roadway trucking company should be capable of providing this additional service to inquisitive customers. Clients may be curious to know about information such as the approximate and estimated time of arrival of their trucking shipment, as well as information regarding the current area that their shipment is in.

Ordinarily, for customers to be able to do something as basic as track the freight that they are having transported, all they need are two requirements. First of all, they must have a computer that has Internet access so that they can succeed at the other requirement, which is the progressive rotating order (or PRO) number regarding the shipment.

Here is the basic procedure for this: Head to the website of the roadway trucking firm that you are utilizing. Next, search for the area on the website of the firm that deals with tracking. You will have been given a 10-digit number; after you enter it, you are going to be given the necessary information about the tracking status of your cargo.

Roadway Trucking Companies

Roadway trucking would not be possible without all of the major trucking companies whose trucks are out on the roads at all times of the year! With that in mind, here are some of the main trucking companies.


YRC is one of the oldest roadway trucking companies with a history that dates back all the way to 1924. YRC is a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc., a Fortune 500 company that is known as one of the largest transportation services companies on the whole planet. The transportation services of YRC extend to the U.S., Mexico and Canada, and they include places like Guam and Puerto Rico, too.

Old Dominion Trucking Company

Old Dominion Trucking Company is a roadway trucking firm that has its base in Thomasville in the state of North Carolina. A union-free company that was founded all the way back in 1934, the Old Dominion Trucking Company provides transportation services throughout all parts of the American mainland, only failing to serve the state of Hawaii for obvious reasons. It offers customers three kinds of shipping services: expedited, domestic as well as international.

Saia Trucking

Saia Trucking had its first terminal open up all the way back in 1924, the year that it was officially founded. This roadway trucking company has expanded throughout the years that it is now capable of offering transportation services in each and every state of the U.S. Its services even extend to Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. With more than 8000 employees working for the company and almost 150 terminals at its disposal, Saia Trucking is an adept provider of transportation services.

Conway Trucking

Conway Trucking has its base in Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan. One of the best trucking as well as logistics companies in the whole industry, it has expanded into 20 countries stretching out over 5 continents on the planet. The company is strict with regard to safety issues, insisting that its drivers put a premium on safety when they are out on the roads and delivering freight.


Roadway Trucking Jobs

The area of roadway trucking actually features several different categories in which people can hold roadway trucking jobs. Some truck drivers are simply referred to as auto haulers. Such truck drivers’ specialization is to load and then carry automobiles on trailer that have been especially set up for that purpose.

Another type of trucking job is the boat hauler. The boat hauler, as the name already implies, is charged with moving boats of a huge size by utilizing specialized trailers referred to as lowboy trailers.

There are also flatbed truck drivers whose specialty it is to carry around lumber, steel pipes and even tanks. Dry van truck drivers are yet another trucking job. These truck drivers are known for operating bigger trailers on the highway. To differentiate further, there are also dry van drivers who utilize pneumatic trailers, which are basically specially designed trailers that may be loaded up with either sand or cement.

The pneumatics outfitted on said trailers are a great help because they make it easier for truck drivers to offload the cargo they were carrying. Still other truck drivers deal with trucks that are less complicated, such as those who drive around refrigerated trucks.

People can also find work as tanker drivers, and it is the job of these tanker drivers to haul around loads involving chemicals, fuels and other kinds of potentially hazardous liquids.

Finally, there are also long haul drivers. These long haul drivers transport freight from state to state and generally cover longer distances than other kinds of truck drivers.

Roadway trucking is a huge industry that is responsible for making sure that the commerce of the U.S. is able to continue operating without any disruption. Remove the truck drivers from the road, and it will be a serious blow to the economy for sure!

Trucking is extremely important to the economy of the U.S., and truck drivers provide people with an essential service that, quite frankly, a lot of people probably take for granted.

Roadway trucking is an industry that serves the needs of people who are doing something as ordinary as moving their residence from one state to another, just as it serves the needs of businesses that need to deliver certain goods from one location to another on behalf of their clients.


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