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Old Dominion Trucking Company

What’s the Story About Old Dominion Trucking

Old Dominion Trucking is a trucking company that’s based in Thomasville, in the state of North Carolina. Founded all the way back in 1934, it is a trucking company whose structure is union free. It was founded by the Earl Congdon Family, and it currently serves more than 48,000 direct points. It features 216 service centers, which is quite large by the usual standards of trucking companies.

As far as trucking companies go, Old Dominion Trucking provides very expansive services throughout the American mainland. As a matter of fact, it ships to all states except for Hawaii.

Boasting some 11, 925 employees, Old Dominion Trucking features a large fleet of vehicles that ensures it can provide anything for its customers’ freight needs.

While other trucking companies struggle with the size of their fleets, this trucking company features almost 6000 tractors, nearly 16,000 pup trailers and more than 6000 vans that range from 32 feet to 53 feet.


Old Dominion Trucking offers 3 different kinds of freight shipping services to its customers. They are OD – Domestic, OD – Expedited and OD – Global.

Old Dominion TruckingOD – Domestic is a single-source operation that allows customers to manager their domestic shipping requirements with surety. It also permits customers to ship both intra- and inter-regionally, which also includes competitive pricing as well as competitive transit times.

OD – Expedited permits customers to customize the shipping services of Old Dominion. This means the ability to tailor said shipping services to fit their busy schedules. OD – Expedited is known for offering customers on-time deliveries, time-specific deliveries (including air service) and even deliveries inside of regular transit times.

OD – Global provides customers seamless, dependable FCL and LCL services around the globe. These shipping services by Old Dominion Trucking are designed to satisfy their customers’ air freight, foreign-to-foreign and import and export needs. In the continent of North America, Old Dominion Trucking offers direct service to Mexico, Alaska and Canada, while outside of North America, Old Dominion Trucking provides services to South America, Central America, the Far East, Europe and the Caribbean.

Old Dominion Trucking provides its customers these services with ease because of their specific technology. Its state-of-the-art tech lets them keep track of their equipment and customers’ shipments with greater efficiency. At the same time, this trucking company provides people with exemplary service, real-time information access and the peace of mind that their shipments are moving along in the safest manner possible.


Old Dominion Trucking Company Jobs

Applying for a trucking job at Old Dominion Trucking is very easy because applications for such a job usually go right through the website of this company. Applicants interested in a trucking job with Old Dominion Trucking should peruse the company website until they find the link that leads them to the “careers” section of the website. Once there, interested truckers can choose either the owner-operated or company driver option.

Regardless of which choice a job applicant picks, he will have to get in touch with this trucking company by way of either phone or e-mail. If the choice is by way of phone, the company’s website features a specific breakdown, region by region, of contact phone numbers that interested truck drivers can call. If the choice is instead e-mail, interested truckers can just e-mail Sam Faucette from the Old Dominion Trucking corporate office.

This roadway trucking company has been lauded quite a bit through numerous rewards for its outstanding work in trucking services. For example, it earned Logistics Management magazine’s 2010 award—the 2010 Quest for Quality Award—in two categories. The categories were Multiregional LTL Carriers and Expedited Motor Carriers. Another award it picked up was JB Hunt’s Award of Excellence in recognition of great LTL solutions.

With regard to trucking companies in general, Old Dominion is one of the very best in the whole country. It ships to each state in the contiguous U.S., and it also allows its valued customers to pick various kinds of shipping services so that they can tailor the service exactly to their requirements.

Established back in 1934, the company has a long tradition of knowing the industry in which it works and providing reliable and efficient services to anyone who uses its trucks to ship items wherever they need to get.

Although the company only ships to the contiguous U.S., it has expanded these services by going global, which means that customers can also expect to send their items to locations as far away as the Far East and South America.

The company is also the recipient of numerous awards. Old Dominion Trucking is a very popular trucking company.

Saia Trucking

Saia Trucking – Getting The Job Done

Saia Trucking has been in business since 1924 when the first terminal was opened in Houma, Louisiana. Over the fifty years to follow they built and opened terminals across Louisiana and Texas. They expanded further in 1980 and soon became one of the premier regional less-than-truckload carriers that could be found in the United States.

The Yellow Corporation bought Saia in 1993. At that point they were operating twenty three different terminals across five different states.

The merge of Smalley Transportation in 1995 allowed the coverage for Saia Trucking to be expanded to cover nine different states. They opened terminals in both South Carolina and North Carolina as well as in Western Texas.

They were then able to provide excellence in trucking for 11 different states in the south. Saia Trucking tracking has since been a strong point for the success of their business.

After many more years and additional expansions, Saia Trucking is now offering transportation services that cover every state in the United States. They run freight in each state and can even run into Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. They have nearly one hundred and fifty terminals and have a team that is over eight thousand employees strong.

The main focus of Saia Trucking is to provide timely delivery and high quality shipments to their clients. They are one of the best LTL, or less-than-load companies in the country and they stand behind their brand with each and every delivery. Their mission statement is three part and focuses on the customers and the employee needs.

Saia Trucking went above and beyond to find out what their customers needed to be satisfied with the service that they receive. They wanted to know what a customer really needs to be confident in their decisions about transportation buying. They did some research and asked for input and the results that they gathered helped them to create their innovative CSIs, or Customer Service Indicators.

These CSIs have given them a way to measure the service that they were providing to their customers. This unique system allowed Saia Trucking tracking to make a big difference in the satisfaction of their customers.

By focusing their efforts in improving the overall service in the areas that are most important to the customers, they have created a customer base that is large in size and that has a strong level of confidence in their decision to do business with Saia Trucking.

Saia Trucking

This company believes that providing good service is for the drivers as well as each and every other employee of the company. They know that they can provide the very best service if they have a highly skilled and very well trained customer service staff to help the customers when they need it.

They put each of their customer service agents through a training program that lasts twenty days and they provide consistent feed back through the entire process. The Saia Trucking customer service representatives are trained to be the best.

The call centers that are open for Saia Trucking are found in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Boise, Idaho. The distance between the locations allows for constant service, even if there is a weather disturbance that takes down the lines at one site. This provides an excellent disaster recovery plan should mother nature take a tool on either of the sites.

Each and every phone call that is taken in the call centers are subject to quality monitoring. They need to make sure that their customer service representatives are giving their customers all of the necessary information about the new programs and services that are available. These quality focus points make up the Xtreme Customer Service plan that is unique to Saia Trucking.

The services provided by Saia Trucking include regional deliveries as well as multiple region deliveries. They have professional drivers that are quick and dependable. They can make the deliveries in up to three days in most cases. They have single pup, set and van deliveries as well so they can provide truckload services to their customers.

Around eighty five percent of all deliveries made out of Saia Trucking will arrive on site within one or two days. They do offer eight thousand one and two day lanes as well. They are well known for on time, consistent service to each of their customers.

Saia Trucking tracking allows them to provide consistent service each and every time their customers use the for the regional LTL needs.

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