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Holland Freight

Who Is the Holland Freight Company ?

Founded in 1929 in Holland, Michigan, Holland Freight is one of the fastest-growing companies around. The company specializes in delivering next-day services in 12 states and two provinces.

The great news about the company is that although it is smaller than other companies in its class, such as FedEX and UPS, Holland Freight has been known as a very reliable company for delivering goods really fast and providing accurate tracking.

The company, which has won the Quest for Quality award from the Logistics Magazine for 26 years in a row, was originally formed to service the Central United States, in recent years, has expanded its operation to service the Midwest and southeastern parts of the United States.

In addition to that, Holland Freight has more than 6,000 employees nationwide, who work in various capacities to assist the company in trucking, freight tracking, and delivering goods for businesses and residents.

The company uses its 52 service centers located within the United States and Canada to provide easy access for its customers to send letters, documents, and packages of all shapes and forms.


Holland Freight provides a variety of services to its customers, which include:

Next day: This service is almost self explanatory. Since the company was founded more than 80 years ago, Holland Freight has used the promise and guarantee of next day delivery to distinguish itself from its competitors.

And when you really think about it, that’s exactly what most people want: Things to be delivered as soon as possible. With Holland Freight, the standard is next day, which is a bonus for businesses and residents who need to deliver goods ASAP.

Regional: For slower delivery of goods for businesses and residents, Holland Freight offers a regional delivery option, which basically means the package will be delivered within 2-3 business days.

This option typically is cheaper than the next day service, but is still extremely fast and a reliable service versus most companies whose delivery is anywhere from 3-7 business days.

Intra Metro: With this service, Holland Freight provides direct service to the larger cities it services, such as Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Toronto, Montreal, just to name a few.

In most cases, Holland Freight provides next day delivery to these larger areas at no additional cost.

However, Holland Freight’s next day delivery is limited to 750 miles from the original destination to the final destination.

For example, if you’re located in Memphis, Tennessee and need to get a delivery to Atlanta, Holland Freight can guarantee your next day delivery because the distance from Memphis to Atlanta is less than 750 miles.

As for tracking, Holland Freight uses mobile tools, web services, and forms to keep you in the loop of things since virtually anything can happen while packages are en route to a specific destination.

The company provides free web services for customers to track their packages 24 hours a day and in case of unexpected events to occur, such as bed weather, accidents, etc., Holland Freight uses mobile alerts to text or send messages to notify its customers of possible delays.



Freight Companies

Freight Companies and What They Ship

When you are looking to ship a product, you will want to be certain that you have the right freight companies working for you. These trucking companies are going to be responsible for getting your product from one location to the next and you need to make sure you have the best companies for you. No matter if this company is Old Dominion Freight or a number of other choices; you will need to know what they can do for you.


A Look at US Based Freight Companies

Superior Brokerage Services

  • This is a trucking company that is based in the US but will provide you with international trucking solutions. They are open to handling any type of freight and giving you a safe and secure method to distribute it with most forms of surface transportation. As an added benefit, they do offer the ability to track your shipments and to pull reports on items that they handle. More importantly, they have a potential distribution center you can use as well.

Con-Way Trucking

  • Depending on the size of your load, you may want to consider this company. They will provide you with fair quotes and they are one of the freight companies that have shipping options to 18 continents. This means you will have a company you can count on to get your cargo delivered, no matter where they are going. They will handle most loads in the United States; there are restrictions in place for International cargo.

Sunset Transportation

  • If you have a less than full truckload that needs to be hauled, this Missouri based solution can be the right choice for you. They are a full service option that will handle everything including the auditing and billing for you. Best of all, their quotes can be obtained online or over the phone. Something to note is that they are a company that does offer refrigerated solutions for those who need their freight companies to have cooler boxes to help protect their cargo. They will typically avoid more dangerous cargo.

Old Dominion Freight

  • Located in and serving the United States, you will find that Old Dominion Freight will be one of the top choices that you will have. With 215 service centers to assist you, it will be among the most sensible solutions you will find for all your trucking needs. Since they do serve the entire country, you will always be in an area where one of their teams will be able to assist you with all your freight needs. This is a full service company that will handle the freight that you need in a safe and professional manner.

Convoy Logistics

  • This company offers freight services to North America. You will have a chance to do partial and full loads with them as well as follow your shipments through their web services any 24 hours a day. You can ship most items with them, keeping in mind that any shipment outside of the US may have restrictions in place on it.

These are of course just some of the solutions you will have when it comes to these freight companies. Make sure that you give them a call and determine if they are going to be the right match for you based on the item type of location where it will be going.

While most of these companies will ship anywhere for you, there may be restrictions on the times that they can pick up and deliver your items and that should be taken into consideration.

However, since freight trucking is the most cost effective and sound shipping solution there is, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a company that will be an ideal match for you.


YRC Tracking

YRC Tracking Information

YRC tracking is an integral part of YRC trucking, which is a transportation service company. In fact, it is one of the largest transportation service companies in the world. The company can trace its history all the way back to 1924 when a tiny bus and taxi service was established by one A.J. Harrell; by 1926, Harrell had shortened the name of his fledgling business to the Yellow Transit Co. From there, it eventually grew to include the U.S.’ Roadway Express and Canada’s Reimer Express Lines.

By 2003, all three entities merged under the YRC (Yellow Roadway Corporation) banner, and by 2009, all three companies were finally swallowed up under the YRC banner as one, fully integrated corporation. Early in 2012, the company reached another milestone when it officially changed its name to YRC Freight.

Tracking is a big component of the services that YRC trucking offers and its YRC tracking services are, in part, why this company is so trusted with regard to shipping freight over long distances. Think of it this way: Let us say that you have a huge shipment or even a relatively small one, for that matter.

The point is that no matter what size of shipment that you have, you clearly want to be able to make certain that it reaches its destination on time. You also want to make sure that it is progressing to its final destination securely and safely. After all, what would be the purpose of choosing a shipping company such as YRC trucking if you could not keep up with your freight by way of, for instance, tracking methods such as YRC tracking?

As such, YRC offers its customers a number of handy and convenient ways through which to track their important freight. Due to its commitment to making YRC tracking as easy as can possibly be, YRC worldwide offers its customers quite a few different tracking choices.

For example, the company offers its customers the option of e-tracking, which is probably the most convenient and simple way of YRC tracking that is available from YRC. Simply put, e-tracking is a feature that empowers YRC customers to simply track whatever they are having shipped by the company right on the company’s own website!

All this super-convenient and -efficient process entails is the entering of a so-called PRO number right into the bar on the left-hand side of the YRC website, and presto, the customer is one step closer to knowing exactly what is going on with his or her shipment! This feature even allows customers the chance to choose the type of notification that best suits their wants. E-tracking is also quite expansive in that it allows customers of this freight company to track as many as 10 shipments all at the same time.

Another YRC tracking option that this company provides to its customers is called proactive tracking. Now, as the name sort of implies already, proactive tracking is a little bit different than regular old YRC tracking. Proactive tracking empowers customers to get status updates in real-time on whatever piece of freight they are having shipped by the company.

This type of YRC tracking is really beneficial since it provides customers of the company with the all-important element of peace of mind, which is really necessary when a customer entrusts the secure shipping of his freight to any shipping company! In addition, customers of the company who pick the proactive tracking feature are also sure to receive shipment trailer history updates no any and all shipments with YRC that are still active.

Then, last but not least, there is also basic tracking, which is really quite straightforward from the standpoint of customers of this freight company. In essence, this feature requires only one of four things to let customers track their shipment. It demands that customers furnish the company with their PRO number, their bill of lading number, their booking number or their PO number in order to get information about where their shipment is.

YRC trucking is a freight company that knows how to get the job done well. After all, they have almost 100 years of experience to lean back on. All of this adds up to providing their customers who choose their freight services with the most efficient and, above all else, accountable performance in the whole shipping industry. Its YRC tracking feature and options make sure that not only is the freight less likely to get lost, but that customers get their all-important peace of mind when using this freight company.

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