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Old Dominion Tracking

Who Is the Old Dominion Trucking Company ?

The Old Dominion Freight Line is a publically traded company listed under the NASDAQ tracker symbol ODFL. Since 1934 when Earl and Lillian Congdon of Richmond, VA founded it, Old Dominion Trucking has been a trucking company that individuals and businesses have trusted. Today, they have become a well-respected company that continues to grow and draws in new people.

From on time deliveries, to the detailed Old Dominion tracking system, the company has become one that people know that they can trust. In fact, the Old Dominion tracking system is one that has quite a few tracking options. They include:

  • The ability to track shipments by Pro, PO, BOL and even load numbers in the system. This means no matter what numbers you have available to you, there is a way to quickly track your shipment.
  • Web developers can get certified so they can offer an extension of the tracking system on their own website, so customers can track their items with a single click of a button. This means that as a partner, the company has taken their tracking efforts to the next level.
  • Even the ability to track shipments through a URL source is provided so external websites can directly link their customers to these results.

This makes Old Dominion Trucking a top choice for many in the freight industry. No matter if they are working with a major corporation or helping to move a person across country, there is no service that they can’t provide.

It should be noted that the Old Dominion tracking system is also in full force for their global customers as well. Since Old Dominion Trucking services businesses around the world, the same tracking system is in place to ensure that results can be retrieved for a customer, no matter where they are.

With more than 48,000 direct points of service and 215 service centers, there are no limits on where the company can go to help their customers transport their cargo. In fact, their global fleet is impressive enough that it should be noted.

Old Dominion Trucking has almost 12,000 employees working for them around the globe. They currently have almost 6,000 tractors helping to move shipments and have close to 16,000 pup trailers. This makes them a highly effective choice for a trucking company.

Those seeking employment will find that Old Dominion Trucking will also find that they are a great choice. This company offers positions in clerical departments, dispatch, maintenance, driving, sales and even website development which will help to provide support to the Old Dominion tracking system. If you are interested in working for this company, you will want to contact your local office to see what positions they presently have open that you are qualified to do.

As they continue to expand, customers can expect this company to continue helping them get their freight to its destination. With quality customer service and a high level of dedication to their clients, there is no doubt that the future remains bright for this freight liner company and those that are associated with it.

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