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Start Your Career with Trucking Careers of America

Have you always dreamed about having a career driving on the road? If you enjoy seeing the “open road” and being on the run, Trucking Careers of America can help you get your start. They have people who are career advisers and job placement specialists who can lead you in the right direction.

Trucking Careers of America care about your future and will provide you with honest and reliable information. Whether you are a student graduate or an experienced company driver looking for a truck driving job, or a truckingstudent looking for quality CDL Class A training, we are focused on giving you the best one-on-one service possible. We work for you !

There shouldn’t be any added stress as you begin the job application process. The specialists will speak with you before submitting any job applications in your favor. You can be sure that you are applying somewhere that will be beneficial to you. After aligning your career objectives, qualifications and job availability, we will help you determine your best course of action to take. On a strict budget or not a lot of cash right now? We will never charge a fee for the services that we provide.

Almost all drivers require a CDL for driving trucks or other large commercial vehicles. One of the first important steps is finding the right CDL training school and program that will be beneficial to your future. Trucking Careers of America partner with several trucking companies that offer a paid CDL training program. They also have a list of CDLTrucking Driving schools that have WIA (Work Investment Act) grants to help pay for a program to obtain a CDL too. Money should never be a problem that gets between you and your career of being a truck driver.

We are here to assist both new students looking for a program to learn about truck driving as well as those who have already had the experience. Experience truck drivers can expect help to find an OTR job, a regional OTR job and dedicated services. We can also help those who have only had six months of experience in the last three years or those with local tractor trailer experience. Students who are a recent CDL Class A graduate can expect to find quick job placement and tuition reimbursement. Trucking Careers of America can also help you find a solo job or become part of a team.

Your level of experience and job status won’t slow the process of our assistance to you. Whether you are experienced or a new student, our tools will be available to help you. Our specialists will be by your side throughout the hiring process. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to always contact us at Our number one priority is you!

Trucks and Pics

Aside from the usual business posts i make on this website i thought it was time for something else today. While i was surfing the net today looking for new trucking related information to share with the visitors of i stumbled on a website that was all about Hank’s Truck Pictures A web site for everyone who loves trucks. Featuring over 350,000 truck pictures from North American and all over the world. Im sure you won’t find any other website out there that has more pictures of trucks than this one. The pictures are categorized in brands such as Freightliner, Dodge and Ford trucks just to name a few. I have to guess here but i think that this website started mainly as a hobby and grew bigger over time and is still being updated at least monthly till now.

Trucking information directory

For those who have been trucking for quite some time you know how difficult it is to find things that help you make your work easier. When your always going to new places it can be quite a hassle to find a gas station which has supplies or other things that are usefull for us truckers. Thankfully nowadays we have the internet which helps us find each other so we can all try to help each other the best way we can, information is the key to a better trucking lifestyle. For example at JR’s Freight Finders you will find an entire directory of shippers, facts about trucking and freight factoring, some trucking games to play and even trucking appearal and accesories such as hats, tshirts or cool truck lighters. On this website of JR (Jeanne Roughface) you can find a huge database of shippers who will work with outside carriers, a membership is required to use his service but for those who are in this business this should not really be a problem. Take care out there all of you and god bless.

Trucking jobs are out there

Some truckers out there just cant seem to find a job that suits their needs, although some might say its quite easy to find a job as long as you are making enough effort to find one. The internet is a great resource for this, there are so many trucking blogs, forums, directories, job and trucking loads sites out there which unite all truckers and help them on their way. Im quite suprised to see how close this community is everyone seems willing to help each other and advice is given by everyone to everyone it doesn’t matter if your new to the business or a hardcore trucker.

Especially to those new in the business we recommend to take a few days and really get into all the reading material out there. Unfortunatly there are some people out there who have bad intentions which can be easily avoided just by reading some of the warning posts on different blogs and forums and the best thing is thats its all free !

A good place to start searching for information would be Trucking Companies Hiring Truck Drivers – Offering trucking jobs, recruiter services, streaming video, and a community for truck drivers. Its definitly a place to find good information and take our advice and take a look at their forum and meet some of the truckers who seem to be living on this forum.

A very easy way to get yourself a job in the trucking industry is filling out the online trucking job application form at – Top Paying Truck Driver Jobs or at which will allmost certainly lead you to a new job.

The Top 5 Greatest Trucking Schools in America

Trucking Schools in America You Might Want To Attend


Finding a good trucking school that doesn’t overcharge and that will give you the skills you need to make it in the field is essential. The CDL certification you need is important. Truck drivers can make a decent wage if they’re properly trained.

There are a number of things you should consider whenever looking for a trucking school. These include:


The school should be accredited by an agency that’s approved by the U.S. Department of Education. If this isn’t the case, you can’t be sure about whether a school is “official” or not. The school should also have a certification that meets the Professional Truck Driver Institute standard. This should include at least 44 hours of driving. If you aren’t getting experience through driving at a truck driving school, then what’s the point?


It can help to look at the connection between how much driving time you get, and how much money the school costs. This rubric can help you learn which schools have a higher value. It’s almost important to look at any fees that the school may not be mentioning up front.


The best trucking schools that include these traits are:

5- Western Pacific Truck Schools

These schools are located in California and Washington. Nordic Enterprises runs Western Pacific. There are multiple schools run by WP over the two states. The schools focuses on maximizing driving time, as well as keeping very strictly to the PTDI outlines for truck driving excellency.

4-Diesel Driving Academy

This school is located in Shreveport,LA.There are four different centers in Louisiana for Diesel. Rather than settling for just the local accreditation, the school is trying to get nationally recognized as well. The classroom instruction covers operations, regulations, qualification and maintenance prevention. After the student is deemed to have properly absorbed everything, they get outside and drive trucks in the private driving area. All trainers have experience in the industry, including as freight handlers, diesel mechanics, and various other positions.

3-Isothermal Community College

This college is located in Spindale, North Carolina. The institution is focused on safety and the highest standards of training and is certified by PTDI. The training is one on one to make sure that the student has absorbed everything. Many truck driving schools try to get away with mass training that neglects individual students, but not Isothermal.


Fox Valley is a publicly funded school for truck driving that is located in Wisconsin. It’s been approved by the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. The school’s funding helped them get top of the line facilities and equipment. It takes ten weeks to go through the main course of the school. The facilities at Fox Valleyinclude a “live drive” feature that has a skid pad.

1- SAGE Technical Services

This school is available all over the country. This is important since it doesn’t make sense to go to any school that’s not near you. You don’t want to spend too much time driving to a place where you are going to learn how to drive, since that would be wasteful. The management has been doing truck driving training ever since the 1970s. One of the main advantages of SAGE is that each student has their own private instructor, and that there will only be one student per truck. This degree of individual attention can be an advantage for serious students. The school also provides its students with comprehensive job placement assistance. This assistance will continue even after a student has graduated.

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