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YRC National

Shipping Services from YRC National Trucking Company

YRC National trucking company offers broad LTL freight shipping services and has a comprehensive North American network. They have direct LTL services to almost every point in the United States and to almost all of the population of Canada. International services also include Mexico, Guam and Puerto Rico. YRC also offers shipping services offshore to Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The trucking company has more than 160 combined years of moving big shipments and has over 58,000 transportation professionals. YRC was named to the fortune 500 list in 2012 and was highlighted in Barron’s 500. YRC Freight was also named Walmart’s 2012 Carrier of the Year. The trucking company has accepted many other awards, making them a first choice by many companies world-wide.

When customers choose services from YRC National Trucking company, they can keep track of their shipments and receive customer support. YRC has a specially trained customer service team (border ambassadors) who will monitor and expedite freights across the border, inform if there are delays and tell you what they are doing to resolve any problems. Customers also have access to 24 hour shipment information and current customs status both online and by telephone. Special documents are also available online at YRC’s form library for those who are shipping internationally.

YRC National Trucking company offers standard, guaranteed and expedited “Freight Time Critical” services. Standard LTL Freight transportation is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. Customers can be sure that they are guaranteed ground service by noon or 5 pm. By offering a multi-day window, retailers can be sure that they will receive LTL shipments according to plan. Shipments will neither be early or late. This will also help retailers improve their scorecards and avoid noncompliance fee costs.

There are a variety of online services that YRC offers to its customers. They can take advantage of E-tracking to track packages and find the nearest terminal for dropping off packages. Customers can also call for a freight quote to find the best service and costs for shipping their items. Pick-up requests can also be made online too. If you are a first time shipper with YRC, they offer a First Time Shipper guide that will help assist you through the process of their services.

When you have large or even small items that need shipped in a timely matter, you can choose from all of the helpful freight services that YRC has. With a guaranteed service as well as standard or expedited, your business can ensure its products are shipped in a timely matter. Should you ever have questions or need more information, YRC can be reached at 800-610-6500.

FedEx Freight

Services from FedEx Freight

When you have a large package that won’t ship by regular postal mail, you can take advantage of FedEx Freight trucking company. They offer two service options that make your shipping experience simple. Customers can choose from FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy.

Packages that need to be delivered in a timely matter can choose services from FedEx Freight Priority. It is a faster and more efficient trucking company. Using the service can help reduce your business’s inventory carrying costs, increase customer satisfaction and expand your geographical reach.

Often, orders are time-sensitive and must be delivered quickly, which can increase your customers’ satisfaction. You can even monitor the transit times of your product with the shipping manager available online. There is also service available for international countries and offshore destinations such as to and from Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Other delivery options include custom deliveries, am deliveries and close of business deliveries.

FedEx Freight Economy helps its customers meet their basic LTL freight shipping needs and budget. Those using FedEx Freight Economy also have access to an online shipping management to track shipments. Shipping options lso include am delivery, close of business and custom deliveries.

By choosing FedEx Freight trucking company and their shipping options, your items and orders can be shipped whether they are large or small. They offer customized solutions that can deliver items either across town or even across the country. Shipments can be consolidated from multiple warehouses and can also set an exact release to market date for the latest product that your business may be carrying. Before choosing the service that best fits your needs, you can get a specialized quote for either large or small shipments and find the best selection of transportation that will fit your needs best.

When time is really critical and you need your product there the fastest, FedEx also offers FedEx Expedited Freight Services. These services are exceptionally critical when you need shipping services that are faster than the standard. Transit options include exclusive use vehicles, aircraft to premium air freight. Shipping can be made to and from the border.

Companies who conduct business and sales across the border do not have to worry about making sure their product reaches its customers. By using services from FedEx Freight trucking company, shipping is available to Canada, Mexico and other selected countries. FedEx Freight offers special forms to help you assist you for shipping internationally.

Businesses and companies who have products that need to be transported by freight other than standard shipping procedures can take advantage of all the services that FedEx Freight has to offer. Meeting the satisfaction of customers is important when it comes to business and selling a product. Being able to ship items in a timely matter to get them where they need to be is extremely important to the success of all companies.

Logistics Directory

If you are looking for a directory that has business, educational or logistics transportation information, you can search on

It is rated the number one directory and research website. For businesses looking to expand, you can also find reliable business partners and help to make informed decisions. Business owners can also list their information for increased exposure.

Azlogistics offer both free and paid listings to be added to the directory. Businesses can take advantage of the many features that are available by listing in the directory.

A few of the features include

*Business description

*Contact information

*Link to your website, Twitter and Facebook accounts

*Map of your location

*Rating and reviews from your customers

*Contact form for interested visitors

*Search engine submission

Not only are there features that you can take full advantage of by adding your business listing, but there are several benefits too. It only takes just a few seconds to list your business and also it can be updated or changed at any time.

If your company can’t afford the full membership, there is a free basic listing can help generate more business. By placing your business on the website, you can reach thousands of new visitors every day. Not only is it just listed on the website, but you will be announced on Twitter and Facebook for Azlogistics. Listings are also submitted to major search engines to increase your chances of exposure.

For even more exposure, there is also advertising packages to choose from. Choose the size of your banner and increase the chances of more visitors seeing your business.

While the the website brings many opportunities for business owners, there is also plenty of other resources for visitors as well. Visitors can browse the directory if they are looking for someone to do business with or a logistics service provider that can meet your needs.

By visiting Azlogistics and putting their tools to use, your logistics transportation information can have ideal exposure and help increase your business. You can also help others by providing extra resources to help answer logistics questions. To further contact Azlogistics, you can do so by completing the contact form on the website.

Funding with 1st Commercial Credit

1st Commercial Credit Background

Freight Factoring Company – 1st Commercial Credit provides trucking companies with a line of credit to cover expenses and factoring services for the USA, Canada and UK. If your trucking business is in need of funding, you can contact 1st Commercial Credit. They offer group discounts on fuel and accept copies for funding. The 30 day factoring truck rates start out as low as 0.69% to 1.59%.

Many of 1st Commercial Credit’s clients are small start up companies or fast growing freight companies where their past earnings and sales history cannot justify their increased borrowing. Almost all freight companies can qualify for a credit line as long as they haul for credit worthy shippers or freight brokers and they have not pledged accounts receivable as collateral.

Small Fleets

Small fleets have no up front fees to set up and receive a 4.9% flat rate. There are no monthly minimums. They offer free credit checks online, can have you set up within three days and offer same day funding.

Mid to Large Fleets

Mid to large fleets need to have at least a 10k monthly minimum. No up front fees are required and there is no need to over-night mail. 1st Commercial Credit can have you set up within three days and offer you free credit checks online. No financials are needed up to 350k. Same day funding is also available.

Freight Brokers

Freight Brokers must have a 10k monthly minimum. Custom rates are available for large freight brokers. The rates begin at 0.69% up to 1.59%. You can schedule online payments and be set up within three days. ACH and wires to carriers are available. Free credit checks are offered and you can apply for instant credit increases. Your company must have all permits in place.

Why choose 1st Commercial Credit?

To see how your trucking company could qualify for funding, there are free quotes available online. There are a variety of reasons why you should feel safe choosing 1st Commercial Credit. Some of their features include fuel card discounts, flexible approvals and same day decisions, simple with no upfront fees requested, cash flow is provided to trucking companies every day, affordable freight factoring rates and initial funding is set up within three to five days.

With these added features, you can sign up for more loads by granting credit terms to new customers. There will never be a reason to have to borrow money for fuel, payroll, permits or other trucking expenses. One truck operators are accepted. Large fleets can qualify for credit lines up to $10 million dollars.


You can contact 1st Commercial Credit to help credit your trucking business by requesting a quote online or calling them at 1-800-876-6071, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also an online form at callback. You can fill it out for a call back or online quote.

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