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Truck Driving Jobs databases

In the current economy finding a good steady job might seem like an impossible thing to find, however the trucking industry is more alive than ever before and for those who have their commercial trucking license and own their own truck best times are still ahead with huge money making possibilities right at your doorstep. There are quite a few ways to find a trucking job which suits your needs but one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it is with out a doubt to go to a place where companies are looking for available truck drivers. At the website of truckersearch which can be found at truckers can post their resume and let the hundreds of companies pick your name out the the resumes that are currently in the database. Once you fill in the application form on the website and finish your resume, your resume will be send out to all companies which are in need of your skills in the huge database they have. Its all perfectly organised and you can always edit the information you have posted on their website and the best thing about it is you dont have anything to lose because its free to join as a driver. We have heard truck drivers sending their resumes and getting a call within an hour for a job offering, it cannot get more simple than that.

If you own your own truck there are other and maybe more possibilities for a driver to make a good payday. The only thing you have to do is to go where you are needed. How to do such a thing ? Just go on the internet and find the loads which are ready to be picked up in your area. A good website to start doing this is Direct Freight Services which can be found at This is the biggest freight matching service on the internet with over 100.000 unique loads posted daily and is currently giving away 15 day free trials for their service. When you create a account at Direct Freight you can start searching for loads immediately or if you can’t find a good load you can also post your truck into their database so that you will directly be notified about available loads in your area. Other great functionalities of the website are updated weather reports, credit scores, deadhead miles and trip miles, email alerts and much much more. Their service is very easy to use and you can post an unlimited amount of trucks or loads through fax, email, ftp or online to a great amount of companies. So get out there you have nothing to lose but a free membership that is waiting for you to get picked up.

Con-way Freight Trucking

Con-way Freight Trucking Company Services

Based in Arbor, Michigan, Con-way Freight Trucking Company, Inc is one of the industry’s leaders in trucking and logistics. Its primary operating companies include Con-way Freight, Con-way Truckload, and Menlo Worldwide Logistics. They operate from 425 locations in North America and in 20 countries that are located in five different continents.

Network of services

With over 28,500 trained personnel, Con-way’s trucking company can offer a network of services available across the United States, Mexico and Canada. They are able to implement, design and manage chain supply solutions that include logistics and transportation management as well as warehouse distribution.

Conway Freight

Con-way Freight is the LTL leader that is a single network of 425 operating locations that deliver exceptional delivery, on-time service performance and faster transit times within the local, regional and national markets.

Domestic LTL services

Its domestic LTL services can give their customers the confidence that their shipments will arrive on time when they are needed. Shipments can be made across town, state or even the country. Domestic freight can be delivered from door to door without having to deal with large amounts of handling. The domestic LTL services include Regional LTL, Longhaul LTL and Domestic offshore. For shipments that are critical, Con-way’s shipments are guaranteed including ones that can be made over-night.

Global LTL services

Customers need to know they can rely on a freight shipping service when delivering globally with Con-way Freight Trucking Company. The Global LTL services offer the same exceptional service that they are able to give in the United States. Con-way has an optimized global network that offers damage free delivery, on time service and faster transit times. There is a customs resource center available in Canada that can answer questions about across the border shipping 24 hours a day, five days a week.

They also have also nine border crossing points and they are 20% faster than some of their other online competitors. Other services include Asia Ocean Guaranteed that provides day definite delivery to the United States from 14 different Asian ports.

Global LTL services can also be taken advantage of in Mexico and the Caribbean (Tropical Direct which offers door to port LTL/LCL services to more than 30 Caribbean ports.

Exceptional customer tools

There are a variety of tools available to the customers who use Con-way’s trucking company for their shipping needs. Some of those tools include tracking, rate quote and electronic bills. There are also local representatives and professionals who are available to help when needed.

Con-way also has a commitment to innovation which includes services such as

Safestack: an advanced cargo loading system that protects and guarantees freight during its transit time.

Mobile Technology: customers who have access to smart phones and mobile websites can take advantage of online applications that allow them to track their shipments.

Mobile hand-held technology: Con-way’s drivers and dockworkers use these for their means of communications which also offers better viability for our company and its customers.

With freight shipping services available domestically and both globally, customers who use Con-way can expect guaranteed shipments within their desired times. There is also a variety of online tools that allow customers to track the progress of their shipments. Should there ever be a question, there are many customer representatives who are on board for assistance. Using freight shipping services should be simple to use for a better customer experience.

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