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Freight Terms

Understand Freight Terminology Important to Success

Few people realize the extent to which they are dependent on the trucking industry. Practically everything that we consume or use is brought to us by truck over hundreds or even thousands of miles. This includes the food we eat, the clothes we wear and our fuel. A special vocabulary of freight terms specifies the particulars of a freight agreement. A two-digit number is used to show which combination of payment, ownership and responsibility applies to the specific shipment. Buyers, sellers and shoppers all have a stake in what freight designation is decided upon.

Before freight can be moved it must first be determined who will pay bear the cost of shipping the freight and who will pay the shipping company. One party might pay the trucking company or owner operator with the understanding that the freight charges will be added to the price of the goods being received. All of these terms must be agreed upon before a shipment can be transported. Another question that might arise is who owns the goods while they are in transit as well as who will be able to file claims for damaged goods.

The first term to understand is F.O.B., which stands for Free On Board. The F.O.B. includes either the word destination or origin. There are four destination designations: Destination freight prepaid, Destination freight collect, Destination freight collect and allowed and Destination freight prepaid and charged back.

Freight prepaid (01) – The seller pays the freight charges with no reimbursement. The freight is owned while in transit by the seller who can if necessary file claims for any damage it incurred.

Freight collect (02) –The buyer assumes financial responsibility for the freight charges but the seller owns the load until it arrives. The seller has the right to file claims for damages.

Freight, collect and allowed (03) – The buyer pays the shipping costs but then subtract those costs from the price of the goods listed on the invoice before paying the seller. Therefore, the seller actually pays for the shipping. The seller owns the freight in transit and can collect if the freight is damaged.

Freight prepaid and charged back (07) – The seller initially pays the shipping costs but adds the amount to the invoice so it is actually the buyer ends up bearing the cost of the shipping. Again, the seller owns the goods until they arrive and have been signed for and has the right to file claims for damaged freight.

The common element in F.O.B. Destination freight is that the seller maintains ownership of the goods until they are accepted by the buyer and can claim damages, if necessary. With the F.O.B. Origin designation it is the buyer who legally owns the freight once it has left the seller and additionally it is the buyer who is eligible to claim compensation for any damages.

The following are the F.O.B. Origin designations.

Freight prepaid (04) – Seller pays freight charges and does not pass them along to the buyer. The buyer owns the goods while they are being transported and the buyer may file damage claims if necessary.

Freight collect (05) – The buyer both pays and ultimately bears the cost of the shipping. The buyer also owns the freight once it is in route and retains the right to claim compensation for damages.

Freight prepaid and charged back (06) – The seller pays the freight costs but then adds those costs to the buyer’s invoice. The buyer owns the freight in transit and can claim damages to the freight if necessary.

Determining the most advantageous freight solutions is important for both the buyer and the seller’s bottom line and the two parties must agree before freight can be shipped.

Monster Truck Games

Killer Trucks 2

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About Killer Trucks 2

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18 Wheeler Truck Games

Roadway Trucking 18 Wheeler Truck Games

Roadway Trucking can be fun ! Try this unique free game – I hope you love it !

The goal of this truck game is to park the truck into designated parking areas before the time runs out. Try to finish the levels as quick as possible to get more points. You lose points when you crash the truck so be very careful.
Can you do it ?

Click on the Texas Play button to the left and then hit the space bar on your keyboard to get started…

Old Dominion Tracking

Who Is the Old Dominion Trucking Company ?

The Old Dominion Freight Line is a publically traded company listed under the NASDAQ tracker symbol ODFL. Since 1934 when Earl and Lillian Congdon of Richmond, VA founded it, Old Dominion Trucking has been a trucking company that individuals and businesses have trusted. Today, they have become a well-respected company that continues to grow and draws in new people.

From on time deliveries, to the detailed Old Dominion tracking system, the company has become one that people know that they can trust. In fact, the Old Dominion tracking system is one that has quite a few tracking options. They include:

  • The ability to track shipments by Pro, PO, BOL and even load numbers in the system. This means no matter what numbers you have available to you, there is a way to quickly track your shipment.
  • Web developers can get certified so they can offer an extension of the tracking system on their own website, so customers can track their items with a single click of a button. This means that as a partner, the company has taken their tracking efforts to the next level.
  • Even the ability to track shipments through a URL source is provided so external websites can directly link their customers to these results.

This makes Old Dominion Trucking a top choice for many in the freight industry. No matter if they are working with a major corporation or helping to move a person across country, there is no service that they can’t provide.

It should be noted that the Old Dominion tracking system is also in full force for their global customers as well. Since Old Dominion Trucking services businesses around the world, the same tracking system is in place to ensure that results can be retrieved for a customer, no matter where they are.

With more than 48,000 direct points of service and 215 service centers, there are no limits on where the company can go to help their customers transport their cargo. In fact, their global fleet is impressive enough that it should be noted.

Old Dominion Trucking has almost 12,000 employees working for them around the globe. They currently have almost 6,000 tractors helping to move shipments and have close to 16,000 pup trailers. This makes them a highly effective choice for a trucking company.

Those seeking employment will find that Old Dominion Trucking will also find that they are a great choice. This company offers positions in clerical departments, dispatch, maintenance, driving, sales and even website development which will help to provide support to the Old Dominion tracking system. If you are interested in working for this company, you will want to contact your local office to see what positions they presently have open that you are qualified to do.

As they continue to expand, customers can expect this company to continue helping them get their freight to its destination. With quality customer service and a high level of dedication to their clients, there is no doubt that the future remains bright for this freight liner company and those that are associated with it.

Holland Freight

Who Is the Holland Freight Company ?

Founded in 1929 in Holland, Michigan, Holland Freight is one of the fastest-growing companies around. The company specializes in delivering next-day services in 12 states and two provinces.

The great news about the company is that although it is smaller than other companies in its class, such as FedEX and UPS, Holland Freight has been known as a very reliable company for delivering goods really fast and providing accurate tracking.

The company, which has won the Quest for Quality award from the Logistics Magazine for 26 years in a row, was originally formed to service the Central United States, in recent years, has expanded its operation to service the Midwest and southeastern parts of the United States.

In addition to that, Holland Freight has more than 6,000 employees nationwide, who work in various capacities to assist the company in trucking, freight tracking, and delivering goods for businesses and residents.

The company uses its 52 service centers located within the United States and Canada to provide easy access for its customers to send letters, documents, and packages of all shapes and forms.


Holland Freight provides a variety of services to its customers, which include:

Next day: This service is almost self explanatory. Since the company was founded more than 80 years ago, Holland Freight has used the promise and guarantee of next day delivery to distinguish itself from its competitors.

And when you really think about it, that’s exactly what most people want: Things to be delivered as soon as possible. With Holland Freight, the standard is next day, which is a bonus for businesses and residents who need to deliver goods ASAP.

Regional: For slower delivery of goods for businesses and residents, Holland Freight offers a regional delivery option, which basically means the package will be delivered within 2-3 business days.

This option typically is cheaper than the next day service, but is still extremely fast and a reliable service versus most companies whose delivery is anywhere from 3-7 business days.

Intra Metro: With this service, Holland Freight provides direct service to the larger cities it services, such as Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Toronto, Montreal, just to name a few.

In most cases, Holland Freight provides next day delivery to these larger areas at no additional cost.

However, Holland Freight’s next day delivery is limited to 750 miles from the original destination to the final destination.

For example, if you’re located in Memphis, Tennessee and need to get a delivery to Atlanta, Holland Freight can guarantee your next day delivery because the distance from Memphis to Atlanta is less than 750 miles.

As for tracking, Holland Freight uses mobile tools, web services, and forms to keep you in the loop of things since virtually anything can happen while packages are en route to a specific destination.

The company provides free web services for customers to track their packages 24 hours a day and in case of unexpected events to occur, such as bed weather, accidents, etc., Holland Freight uses mobile alerts to text or send messages to notify its customers of possible delays.



Freight Companies

Freight Companies and What They Ship

When you are looking to ship a product, you will want to be certain that you have the right freight companies working for you. These trucking companies are going to be responsible for getting your product from one location to the next and you need to make sure you have the best companies for you. No matter if this company is Old Dominion Freight or a number of other choices; you will need to know what they can do for you.


A Look at US Based Freight Companies

Superior Brokerage Services

  • This is a trucking company that is based in the US but will provide you with international trucking solutions. They are open to handling any type of freight and giving you a safe and secure method to distribute it with most forms of surface transportation. As an added benefit, they do offer the ability to track your shipments and to pull reports on items that they handle. More importantly, they have a potential distribution center you can use as well.

Con-Way Trucking

  • Depending on the size of your load, you may want to consider this company. They will provide you with fair quotes and they are one of the freight companies that have shipping options to 18 continents. This means you will have a company you can count on to get your cargo delivered, no matter where they are going. They will handle most loads in the United States; there are restrictions in place for International cargo.

Sunset Transportation

  • If you have a less than full truckload that needs to be hauled, this Missouri based solution can be the right choice for you. They are a full service option that will handle everything including the auditing and billing for you. Best of all, their quotes can be obtained online or over the phone. Something to note is that they are a company that does offer refrigerated solutions for those who need their freight companies to have cooler boxes to help protect their cargo. They will typically avoid more dangerous cargo.

Old Dominion Freight

  • Located in and serving the United States, you will find that Old Dominion Freight will be one of the top choices that you will have. With 215 service centers to assist you, it will be among the most sensible solutions you will find for all your trucking needs. Since they do serve the entire country, you will always be in an area where one of their teams will be able to assist you with all your freight needs. This is a full service company that will handle the freight that you need in a safe and professional manner.

Convoy Logistics

  • This company offers freight services to North America. You will have a chance to do partial and full loads with them as well as follow your shipments through their web services any 24 hours a day. You can ship most items with them, keeping in mind that any shipment outside of the US may have restrictions in place on it.

These are of course just some of the solutions you will have when it comes to these freight companies. Make sure that you give them a call and determine if they are going to be the right match for you based on the item type of location where it will be going.

While most of these companies will ship anywhere for you, there may be restrictions on the times that they can pick up and deliver your items and that should be taken into consideration.

However, since freight trucking is the most cost effective and sound shipping solution there is, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a company that will be an ideal match for you.


YRC Tracking

YRC Tracking Information

YRC tracking is an integral part of YRC trucking, which is a transportation service company. In fact, it is one of the largest transportation service companies in the world. The company can trace its history all the way back to 1924 when a tiny bus and taxi service was established by one A.J. Harrell; by 1926, Harrell had shortened the name of his fledgling business to the Yellow Transit Co. From there, it eventually grew to include the U.S.’ Roadway Express and Canada’s Reimer Express Lines.

By 2003, all three entities merged under the YRC (Yellow Roadway Corporation) banner, and by 2009, all three companies were finally swallowed up under the YRC banner as one, fully integrated corporation. Early in 2012, the company reached another milestone when it officially changed its name to YRC Freight.

Tracking is a big component of the services that YRC trucking offers and its YRC tracking services are, in part, why this company is so trusted with regard to shipping freight over long distances. Think of it this way: Let us say that you have a huge shipment or even a relatively small one, for that matter.

The point is that no matter what size of shipment that you have, you clearly want to be able to make certain that it reaches its destination on time. You also want to make sure that it is progressing to its final destination securely and safely. After all, what would be the purpose of choosing a shipping company such as YRC trucking if you could not keep up with your freight by way of, for instance, tracking methods such as YRC tracking?

As such, YRC offers its customers a number of handy and convenient ways through which to track their important freight. Due to its commitment to making YRC tracking as easy as can possibly be, YRC worldwide offers its customers quite a few different tracking choices.

For example, the company offers its customers the option of e-tracking, which is probably the most convenient and simple way of YRC tracking that is available from YRC. Simply put, e-tracking is a feature that empowers YRC customers to simply track whatever they are having shipped by the company right on the company’s own website!

All this super-convenient and -efficient process entails is the entering of a so-called PRO number right into the bar on the left-hand side of the YRC website, and presto, the customer is one step closer to knowing exactly what is going on with his or her shipment! This feature even allows customers the chance to choose the type of notification that best suits their wants. E-tracking is also quite expansive in that it allows customers of this freight company to track as many as 10 shipments all at the same time.

Another YRC tracking option that this company provides to its customers is called proactive tracking. Now, as the name sort of implies already, proactive tracking is a little bit different than regular old YRC tracking. Proactive tracking empowers customers to get status updates in real-time on whatever piece of freight they are having shipped by the company.

This type of YRC tracking is really beneficial since it provides customers of the company with the all-important element of peace of mind, which is really necessary when a customer entrusts the secure shipping of his freight to any shipping company! In addition, customers of the company who pick the proactive tracking feature are also sure to receive shipment trailer history updates no any and all shipments with YRC that are still active.

Then, last but not least, there is also basic tracking, which is really quite straightforward from the standpoint of customers of this freight company. In essence, this feature requires only one of four things to let customers track their shipment. It demands that customers furnish the company with their PRO number, their bill of lading number, their booking number or their PO number in order to get information about where their shipment is.

YRC trucking is a freight company that knows how to get the job done well. After all, they have almost 100 years of experience to lean back on. All of this adds up to providing their customers who choose their freight services with the most efficient and, above all else, accountable performance in the whole shipping industry. Its YRC tracking feature and options make sure that not only is the freight less likely to get lost, but that customers get their all-important peace of mind when using this freight company.

USF Reddaway

Who Is USF Reddaway ?

Moving stuff to a new residence that you just transferred to can be really stressful. It can even be worse if you have a small business that is changing location because you will have to move even more things. Not everyone has the necessary equipment to lessen the frustrations of transporting large cargo. One of the biggest and most expensive requirements is a large vehicle like a truck.

Ordinary cars simply do not make the cut but they are still the most popular vehicles owned by people.

Roadway trucking services exist so they can help you transport the cargo so you can concentrate on more important things. Because you are letting these companies handle your cargo, it is important that you pick a trustworthy service and USF Reddaway wants to be that reliable service.


About USF Reddaway Tracking

USF Reddaway is a trucking firm that is currently operated by YRC Regional Transportation. YRC Worldwide also owns USF Holland, New Penn and YRC Reimer. USF Reddaway is primarily a less than truckload shipping service so it should be able to handle LTL shipments weighing between around 150 pounds to as much as 20,000 pounds. The service can also consolidate the freight from various shippers into one truckload for convenience.

The company currently services the western part of the United States as well as western areas in Canada. There are 50 service centers operating a fleet of more than 1,000 tractors and 5,000 trailers.


USF Reddaway Reception

One customer review posted back in 2009 claims that the customer wasn’t very happy with the way USF Reddaway communicates with people. He received a call from USF Reddaway Tracking claiming that the service would deliver to the destination on that day.

However, the delivery did not take place because USF Reddaway failed to mention that they can only visit that destination if their trailer is full. Fortunately, the shipment still arrived but the customer preferred to pick up the shipment at their dock which USF Reddaway rejected.

There are some more recent positive reviews that show that USF Reddaway vastly improved in service which is always a good thing. Customers started giving the company more respect when USF Reddaway announced a new service back in December 2011.

This service will issue alerts to customers whenever there are situations that may potentially impact their supply chain.

This change should bring the service a lot closer to customers so they always know what is going on. For instance, customers that use the service during the winter season will realize any inconveniences ahead of time so they can make their own plans.

The service alert is delivered via email and users can also check out the website at to see the latest updates regarding weather and other circumstances.



USF Reddaway has a huge advantage over other firms because of its long history and tie-ups to other companies owned by YRC Worldwide. The holding company was founded back in 1919 so they have a lot of worldwide experience. As a result, USF Reddaway has plans to expand so their services can cover other areas beyond the west coast. This progress is really showing since there are now terminals in Colorado and Utah and even going as far as Alaska.

The trucks that they use are also very impressive and that shows how much they care about the cargo that the company is shipping. Some of their trucks are uniquely designed with a bull-guard on the front of the truck for added protection. The International Prostar 9400 twin-screw and Volvo VNM are great vehicle choices for doing the handy work for transporting.

Overall, USF Reddaway lives up to the standard of other subsidiaries of YRC like Holland and New Penn so you checking for reviews in those services should give you a good idea on what to expect from USF Reddaway. It is very easy to contact the company to get more information because they have an active website.


Who is YRC Freight Company ?

YRC is a transportation company. YRC is a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc., which is itself a Fortune 500 company that is known far and wide as one of the biggest providers of transportation services in all of the world. In fact, YRC Worldwide is a holding company that includes a host of profitable companies like YRC, New Penn, YRC Reimer, Reddaway and Holland.


History of YRC

The history of YRC goes back all the way to 1924. In that year, one A.J. Harrell, who was an entrepreneur from Oklahoma City, established a bus-and-taxi service that he started to call Yellow Cab Transit Co. By 1926, this Oklahoma City entrepreneur had shortened the name down to just Yellow Transit Co.

At about the same time in Akron, Ohio, the brothers by the name of Carroll and Galen Roush were leaving their own mark on the history of transportation via starting up Roadway Express, which they founded all the way back in December of 1930. Roadway Express saw a good deal of success right from its inception, which actually surprised no one at all because of the brothers’ approach to the business.

For example, the brothers quickly realized that service providers who were diligent at honoring their commitments would also more easily retain their customers as well as attract new ones.

One way that the brothers made good on this philosophy can be demonstrated in the following example. If, for instance, none of his company trucks were actually available for a rush pickup, he would simply rent a truck from someone else and then personally manage the shipment for the customer!

Now in 1952, Reimer Express Lines was established as it founded a line between Winnipeg, Canada, and Windsor in the Canadian province of Ontario. Reimer Express Lines was therefore one of the very first businesses that provided east-to-west trucking traffic in Canada.

Reimer Express Lines continued to do well enough that by 1969, it was actually in the business of offering customers coast-to-coast trucking services in Canada.

As the years wore on, both Roadway Express and Yellow Transit Co. continued to grow to the point that they were recognized as the two, most dominant transportation services providers in the U.S. At the same time, the fledgling Reimer Express Lines expanded to the point that it eventually grew into the biggest common carrier in all of Canada.

Fast forward to 1997, and Roadway Express bought the Canadian Reimer Express Lines, thus establishing a very efficient cross-border gateway and also improving the transportation services from Canada all the way down to Mexico.

By 2003, these companies united under the banner of Yellow Roadway Corp (YRC). Now although things such as back-office functions and other operations were unified in what is best described as a best-practices philosophy, the 3 companies actually still stayed both independent as well as strong in the industry.

2009 saw the company make the next, reasonable step in its effective transformation.

YRC incorporated the pride and the strength of every, respective company. As a result, this company now offers its customers the most expansive as well as flexible choices of supply-chain answers on the face of the Earth.


What YRC does


As a big company that has a history going back almost 100 years, YRC provides its customers with a multitude of transportation services. For one, the company has a wide range of areas in which it provides its services. It has a reputation for offering seamless transportation services all over the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Its transportation services in the U.S. even include places such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Alaska.

YRC also is known for offering its customers very dependable transportation services that are categorized as two- and three-day services, as well as coast-to-coast services. All of these choices provide customers with a way to connect the key markets.

For those times when customers require absolutely critical transportation services such as YRC tracking or YRC freight, the company provides expedited deliveries either by air or by ground through its appropriately named YRC Time-Critical Service. In the same spirit, the company also assures customers that it is capable of providing them with delivery windows that are guaranteed.

As such, the company has the means to successfully accommodate most any time window requirements, whether said requirements happen over multiple days, at just one, specific day or even at one, exact hour.

Further, if a customer wants to ship something such as even one shipment or even a whole trailer, the company offers them dedicated, protective services for the duration of the transportation. Also, if there are custom projects that YRC receives, it will offer its customers logistics management as well as special project management.

Through its YRC Global Logistics service, the company furnishes its customers with both logistics as well as transportation for shipments that are export- and import-based. Finally, the company also provides its customers with a range of transportation options such as product returns, cold-sensitive products, tradeshow exhibitions and volume shipments.


Leadership in the Industry

This company is one that is an industry leader in the following ways. For one, YRC is the only provider of transportation in the whole industry that assures the delivery of any tradeshow exhibitions for no additional charge. Likewise, it is the one and only provider of transportation that furnishes people with committed protection as well as a guarantee for any standard transit shipments through its Sealed Divider Service.

It is also the only provider of transportation that actually features its own reps right on-site at all of the major, North American, border-crossing points. This is done to help its customers get through customs in a more efficient and speedy manner.


Commitment to Safety

When you are a trucking company as big and storied as YRC, you have got to put a premium on safety, especially since its transportation services cover a whole lot of ground across quite a few countries. To this end, YRC can boast of having one driver on its team who has actually logged a stretch of greater than 5 million miles without even getting into an accident one time. Furthermore, YRC linehaul drivers at the company’s Memphis, Tennessee, service center are proud to hold the all-time, safe-driving record of YRC.

Said linehaul drivers at the company’s Memphis, Tennessee, service center—for a stretch of time that lasted from May 20, 2002, all the way to January 22, 2003—drove an astonishing 25,443,130 miles without so much as being involved in just one accident that ended up being preventable.

YRC is the kind of company that has a very good pedigree because it has a time-honored reputation to uphold and to protect. From all the decades that this company has been in business, it has clearly developed an intimate understanding of what customers expect, how to keep customers satisfied and also how to serve its customers in the best way possible for a provider of transportation services.

From unassuming roots in two American locations and one Canadian location, this company has expanded in its almost 100-year history to today being one of the very biggest providers of transportation services.

The company has exceled at allowing its customers to transport whatever they want to over great distances. If people are searching for solutions in the way of supply-chain requirements, then YRC is the company that they want to use for this purpose.

Old Dominion Trucking Company

What’s the Story About Old Dominion Trucking

Old Dominion Trucking is a trucking company that’s based in Thomasville, in the state of North Carolina. Founded all the way back in 1934, it is a trucking company whose structure is union free. It was founded by the Earl Congdon Family, and it currently serves more than 48,000 direct points. It features 216 service centers, which is quite large by the usual standards of trucking companies.

As far as trucking companies go, Old Dominion Trucking provides very expansive services throughout the American mainland. As a matter of fact, it ships to all states except for Hawaii.

Boasting some 11, 925 employees, Old Dominion Trucking features a large fleet of vehicles that ensures it can provide anything for its customers’ freight needs.

While other trucking companies struggle with the size of their fleets, this trucking company features almost 6000 tractors, nearly 16,000 pup trailers and more than 6000 vans that range from 32 feet to 53 feet.


Old Dominion Trucking offers 3 different kinds of freight shipping services to its customers. They are OD – Domestic, OD – Expedited and OD – Global.

Old Dominion TruckingOD – Domestic is a single-source operation that allows customers to manager their domestic shipping requirements with surety. It also permits customers to ship both intra- and inter-regionally, which also includes competitive pricing as well as competitive transit times.

OD – Expedited permits customers to customize the shipping services of Old Dominion. This means the ability to tailor said shipping services to fit their busy schedules. OD – Expedited is known for offering customers on-time deliveries, time-specific deliveries (including air service) and even deliveries inside of regular transit times.

OD – Global provides customers seamless, dependable FCL and LCL services around the globe. These shipping services by Old Dominion Trucking are designed to satisfy their customers’ air freight, foreign-to-foreign and import and export needs. In the continent of North America, Old Dominion Trucking offers direct service to Mexico, Alaska and Canada, while outside of North America, Old Dominion Trucking provides services to South America, Central America, the Far East, Europe and the Caribbean.

Old Dominion Trucking provides its customers these services with ease because of their specific technology. Its state-of-the-art tech lets them keep track of their equipment and customers’ shipments with greater efficiency. At the same time, this trucking company provides people with exemplary service, real-time information access and the peace of mind that their shipments are moving along in the safest manner possible.


Old Dominion Trucking Company Jobs

Applying for a trucking job at Old Dominion Trucking is very easy because applications for such a job usually go right through the website of this company. Applicants interested in a trucking job with Old Dominion Trucking should peruse the company website until they find the link that leads them to the “careers” section of the website. Once there, interested truckers can choose either the owner-operated or company driver option.

Regardless of which choice a job applicant picks, he will have to get in touch with this trucking company by way of either phone or e-mail. If the choice is by way of phone, the company’s website features a specific breakdown, region by region, of contact phone numbers that interested truck drivers can call. If the choice is instead e-mail, interested truckers can just e-mail Sam Faucette from the Old Dominion Trucking corporate office.

This roadway trucking company has been lauded quite a bit through numerous rewards for its outstanding work in trucking services. For example, it earned Logistics Management magazine’s 2010 award—the 2010 Quest for Quality Award—in two categories. The categories were Multiregional LTL Carriers and Expedited Motor Carriers. Another award it picked up was JB Hunt’s Award of Excellence in recognition of great LTL solutions.

With regard to trucking companies in general, Old Dominion is one of the very best in the whole country. It ships to each state in the contiguous U.S., and it also allows its valued customers to pick various kinds of shipping services so that they can tailor the service exactly to their requirements.

Established back in 1934, the company has a long tradition of knowing the industry in which it works and providing reliable and efficient services to anyone who uses its trucks to ship items wherever they need to get.

Although the company only ships to the contiguous U.S., it has expanded these services by going global, which means that customers can also expect to send their items to locations as far away as the Far East and South America.

The company is also the recipient of numerous awards. Old Dominion Trucking is a very popular trucking company.

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