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Saia Trucking

Saia Trucking – Getting The Job Done

Saia Trucking has been in business since 1924 when the first terminal was opened in Houma, Louisiana. Over the fifty years to follow they built and opened terminals across Louisiana and Texas. They expanded further in 1980 and soon became one of the premier regional less-than-truckload carriers that could be found in the United States.

The Yellow Corporation bought Saia in 1993. At that point they were operating twenty three different terminals across five different states.

The merge of Smalley Transportation in 1995 allowed the coverage for Saia Trucking to be expanded to cover nine different states. They opened terminals in both South Carolina and North Carolina as well as in Western Texas.

They were then able to provide excellence in trucking for 11 different states in the south. Saia Trucking tracking has since been a strong point for the success of their business.

After many more years and additional expansions, Saia Trucking is now offering transportation services that cover every state in the United States. They run freight in each state and can even run into Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. They have nearly one hundred and fifty terminals and have a team that is over eight thousand employees strong.

The main focus of Saia Trucking is to provide timely delivery and high quality shipments to their clients. They are one of the best LTL, or less-than-load companies in the country and they stand behind their brand with each and every delivery. Their mission statement is three part and focuses on the customers and the employee needs.

Saia Trucking went above and beyond to find out what their customers needed to be satisfied with the service that they receive. They wanted to know what a customer really needs to be confident in their decisions about transportation buying. They did some research and asked for input and the results that they gathered helped them to create their innovative CSIs, or Customer Service Indicators.

These CSIs have given them a way to measure the service that they were providing to their customers. This unique system allowed Saia Trucking tracking to make a big difference in the satisfaction of their customers.

By focusing their efforts in improving the overall service in the areas that are most important to the customers, they have created a customer base that is large in size and that has a strong level of confidence in their decision to do business with Saia Trucking.

Saia Trucking

This company believes that providing good service is for the drivers as well as each and every other employee of the company. They know that they can provide the very best service if they have a highly skilled and very well trained customer service staff to help the customers when they need it.

They put each of their customer service agents through a training program that lasts twenty days and they provide consistent feed back through the entire process. The Saia Trucking customer service representatives are trained to be the best.

The call centers that are open for Saia Trucking are found in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Boise, Idaho. The distance between the locations allows for constant service, even if there is a weather disturbance that takes down the lines at one site. This provides an excellent disaster recovery plan should mother nature take a tool on either of the sites.

Each and every phone call that is taken in the call centers are subject to quality monitoring. They need to make sure that their customer service representatives are giving their customers all of the necessary information about the new programs and services that are available. These quality focus points make up the Xtreme Customer Service plan that is unique to Saia Trucking.

The services provided by Saia Trucking include regional deliveries as well as multiple region deliveries. They have professional drivers that are quick and dependable. They can make the deliveries in up to three days in most cases. They have single pup, set and van deliveries as well so they can provide truckload services to their customers.

Around eighty five percent of all deliveries made out of Saia Trucking will arrive on site within one or two days. They do offer eight thousand one and two day lanes as well. They are well known for on time, consistent service to each of their customers.

Saia Trucking tracking allows them to provide consistent service each and every time their customers use the for the regional LTL needs.

Schneider Trucking

Schneider Trucking and Trucking School

When you think of a privately owned trucking company that is well known for their dependability and excellence, Schneider Trucking is likely one of the names that comes to mind. This is a company that has its main headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In addition to that trucking portion of the company, they also have a Schneider Trucking School that will allow those interested in joining the industry to learn what it takes to safely drive on the road.

Founded back in 1938, this company is ranked as the third largest trucking logistics company in the United States.

Presently, they do deliver cargo to companies across the 48 continuous states. In addition to that, they also deliver freight to China, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. This means that Schneider Trucking does have an impact across the globe and their orange tractors are instantly recognizable by all those who are in the trucking industry as well.

Today, this company does have over 75 years in

the industry as well as 11,000 trucks in operation on the road as well as over 18,000 employees. This indicates that Schneider Trucking is one of the strongest companies in the trucking industry that continues to grow and get stronger each year.

If this sounds like a company that might interest you, then you may want to consider the Schneider Trucking School that you can attend.

This is going to be an effective school that is going to help to build your knowledge of the trucking industry as well as helping you to improve your driving and ensuring that you can successfully operate larger vehicles that can have varied types of cargo in them.

Of course, the education you get in the school is just part of the package that is available to you. What you are going to find is that Schneider’s will continue to work and train you even after you graduate as well.

Those who come out of any trucking school will find that they are provided with 1 – 3 weeks of training before they take on the road alone. During this training, you will be paid for your classroom experience, then move on to mileage pay when y

Those who are coming from other schools will find that there is tuition reimbursement available to them as well. What you are going to find is that you will receive your reimbursement monthly after you have completed 1 month of service.

This can be up to $3,500 as long as you did graduate no more than two months prior to starting at the school. As part of this reimbursement, you will need to have paid your own tuition.

What you are going to find is that this company is one that Fortune 500 companies do count on. Because of that, you are going to be put through a series of tests that go beyond what you may learn during their Schneider Trucking School and ensure that you do remain one of the safest drivers on the road. With a number of considerations to make, you can be sure that your information will continue to be reviewed and testing will be random at this company as well.

But for those who find that they have been successfully placed in Schneider Trucking, there will be the pride in knowing that they are keeping the passionate history of a company that has more than 75 years in American history alive. This is a respectable company that most drivers will seek out when they are looking for a dependable company to work for and to ensure that there is some financial stability with their overall trucking experience as well.

In fact, since you can find logistic offices in the 48 continuous United States, you are going to find that there is an office that will be strategically located to your home base. From there, you can choose to go solo, dedicated or even handle the truck rail and expand on the overall experience you have when you are working in the trucking industry.

Just make sure that you do consider each of your options and determine the best match for you and take the first steps towards a rewarding career.

Conway Trucking

Who Is Conway Trucking ?

Con-Way, Inc is a trucking and logistics company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Conway Trucking is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. They are one of the top logistics and trucking companies in the industry. Although the company is American based, the company is represented in 20 countries around the world, in five continents. This means that this is an international trucking and logistics company that is a major player in the industry.

When a trucker or another prospective employee considers Conway to work for, they can rest assured that this is a first-rate logistics and trucking company with a future with Conway careers.

Con-way employs over 28k people in various positions of the company. This is promising, because these numbers mean that there is room for employment, and room for growth. Not only are there positions within Conway careers directly, but there are also positions available within Menlo Worldwide Logistics. The logistics arm of the company is responsible for transportation and logistics management. This company is also responsible for distribution and for warehousing of products.

If an applicant is considering applying with Conway Trucking and Logistics, then they should know that they are applying with a company with core values such as safety first, commitment, integrity, and excellence. Again, this is a first rate trucking company. Some truckers and former trucking employees might have experienced working for companies that might have cut corners in the past.

Employees of Conway Trucking won’t have to deal with these issues. As a matter of fact, according to the Con-way website, safety is a non-negotiable. Integrity is another common issue that any trucker or an employee of a trucking company might have had to deal with in the past. Conway says that they treat their employees with respect, with fairness, and with compassion. Con-way wants to be the premier place for those who love the logistics and trucking industry to work at.

There are lots of positions for prospective employees to consider if they would like to work for Conway Trucking. The main positions within Conway careers is in trucking. Truckers are the backbones of this trucking and logistics company. The trucker is responsible for transporting goods to various locations within a region, or across the country.

The trucker will have to option of making regional, inter-regional, or cross-country runs. They will also be able to perform logistics trucking for warehouse purposes as well. A trucker isn’t simply restricted to making U.S. runs either. They have the option of working for Conway trucking in Canada, in Mexico, or in any of the five continents that Con-way Trucking is located in.

One position that Conway-Trucking is advertising for Conway careers is for trucking teams. The company website is actively looking for couples who would like to work for the company as a trucking team. Many couples find that this is a great way for them to earn a living, travel, and keep in close contact with each other.

A huge issue for many truckers is being away from their families for long periods of time. However, for the couples who don’t have any children to care for, they might find working as a trucking team very exciting.The job will never be boring. They will always be on the road. They will get to make a decent living without being tied down to any location for very long. They can stay on the road for as little or a much as they wish.

And when they apply for a position with Conway Trucking, they will have the option of trucking in any country that Conway is available in.

For more information regarding the wide variety of trucking and logistics careers, along with any other Conway careers possibilities, an applicant can simply go to the careers tab on the website to apply for their new career now.

Truck Driver Jobs

CDL Truck Driving Jobs – Want To Drive a Truck ?

CDL Trucking Jobs

For those looking for excellent truck driving jobs around the country, the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) website at offers the best options for you. Truck driving jobs for Flatbed, Auto Hauler, Tanker, or whatever, are some of the best truck driving jobs in the country, and the website ensures that any driver looking to find a good job will be able to do so as easily as possible.

Using their website can help you to find national or local trucker careers, and will make looking much easier than ever.

This driver resource centre is a website that is dedicated to making the trucking job search as easy as possible. Trucking jobs have always been hard to come by, and dozens of hours and hundreds of calls were once required in order to land a well-paying trucking job of your choice.

The internet has made finding trucking jobs even easier, and CDL jobs guarantees that their website will make finding jobs as easy as possible. There is no longer any need to even pick up the phone; thanks to the online convenience.

Trucker jobs are easily found on the website, which offers a unique and incredibly comprehensive service. Not only are there hundreds of listings for regional, national, and local truck driving opportunities available on the site, but there are news features, a blog where truckers can post comments, links provided to lead truckers to other websites that would interest them, and notices for hundreds of truck driving jobs across the country.

While many website offers some of these features, no website offers all of these features in addition to the real truck driving experience provided by this company.


Search for your favorite Carrier in two ways:

  •     Trailer experience
  •     Driving Category

This gives drivers the ability to check out jobs according to their preferences, and makes it much easier for them to find the best national or local vacancies for them. Truckers will find that using the website to narrow down their search to a few of the best candidate organizations is easy and requires only a few minutes, and finding the right job for you is now much simpler than ever.


Finding an Owner Operator or Company Driver job is a matter of 5 simple steps:

  •     You search for jobs in the area that you prefer, your personal driving interest.
  •     The website provides you with a list of all of the trucking companies that may have work that would interest you.
  •     You select the company that will provide you with a job that will meet your needs and will be of interest.
  •     You take a few minutes to fill out an online application form.
  •     The website sends the application to the trucking company, and you get an answer as quickly as possible.

As easily as that, you are able to find the best trucking companies that will meet your needs regardless of what type of driver you are. You will be able to find the best job for you regardless of whether you are:

-A company driver
-An owner operator
-A lease driver
-A team driver

All of the companies listed on the website are categorized according to your driving preferences, and you will easily be able to sort through the lists of companies on the website to find the one or two that will be the best for you. For the ultimate truck driver’s resource, the various company driver jobs available on the website are listed according to your preference.

Everything you need to find the best CDL truck driving jobs is at your fingertips.

Central Freight Tracking

Is Central Freight Tracking the Company to Work For ?

Central Freight Tracking provides transportation for many new businesses and companies in the Fortune 500 industry.  They have been in business since 1925.  This is a strong company that has a substantial financial backing.  They specialize their infrastructure to offer support to North America’s enterprises in distribution of manufactured goods and retail.  They offer one of the best and newest technologies with their state-of-the-art Digital Dispatch Management System.  They have the best computer dispatch applications available that offers a dynamic and powerful system with the LTL environment.

Customers receive automatic email notifications when their freight is picked up and delivered, in real time.  They strive to continually improve the efficiency and value to their customer base with a product that is substantial and will continue to be on the competitive edge for years in the future.

You can visit the Central Freight website to keep up with their growth and opportunities.  They strongly believe that having both consistent and reliable service is the way to operate.

They have a huge network that covers 49 states, partnering with the respectable top industries. Their service offers a very high 98.2% “on time” shipping.  They know that time is money and they happily guarantee and will even expedite with their First Ground and Priority One when needed.  Their low flat fee guarantees a 10:30 AM or 5:00 PM delivered shipment.

Central Freight Tracking has one of the best claim ratios in North America, with it being one of the lowest.  They give credit to this due to their continued employee training.  Each employee is trained to perform the best practices in their particular job.  Plus the equipment operates at the top performance.

Their tractors are bought with the need to reduce their carbon footprint for future generations by having low emission engines.  They support the SmartWay Transport Partnership with their Environmental Protection Agency partnership to prove they are doing all they can to be environmentally considerate in all they do.

Go to the Central Freight website to read about their awards.  In 2010 they received the 2010 Grand Trophy by the Texas Motor Transportation Association because they had the most effective and most complete Fleet Safety Program amongst the Texas Motor Carriers.

In 2010 they had the Texas Driver of the Year and the National Driver of the year.  In 2011 / 2012 they were called the Captain of America’s Road Team.  In 2011 they received the P&D Fleet Safety Award by TMTA.

The Central Freight Tracking has joined the American Chemistry Council to support the Responsible Care program.  They are aiming to increase the attempt within the chemical industry for environmental, health, security and sustainable safety performance indicators.

On their Central Freight website:, customers can have access to eCentral, where all the shipping orders can be made, rated, bill of lading created, and to order a pickup.  Their “My Quick Pick” is a special “no waiting online” order location.


The corporate headquarters for Central Freight Tracking are:

5601 West Waco Drive
Waco, TX 76710

Their mailing address is:

P.O. Box 2638
Waco, TX 76702-2638


Central Freight Tracking has many service centers, all the addresses and phone numbers are listed on the Central Freight website:

Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Jonesboro AR
Little Rock, AR
Van Buren, AR
Bakersfield, CA
Chula Vista, CA
Fresno, CA
Hayward, CA
Mira Loma, CA
Pico Rivera, CA
Sacramento, CA
Commerce City, CO
Atlanta, GA
Elk Grove Villa, IL
Monroe, LA
Port Allen, LA
Shreveport, LA
St. Rose, LA
Kansas City, MO
N. Las Vegag, NV
Reno, NV
Edison, NJ
Albuquerque, NM
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa, OK
Memphis, TN
Harrisburg, PA
Abilene, TX
Amarillo, TX
Austin, TX
Beaumont, TX
Bryan, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Irving, TX
Eagle Pass, TX
El Paso, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Laredo, TX
Lubbock, TX
Lufkin, TX
Odessa, TX
Parr, TX
San Angelo, TX
San Antonio, TX
Sherman, TX
Texarkana, TX
Tyler, TX
Victoria, TX
Waco, TX
Wichita Falls, TX
Salt Lake City, UT

CRST Trucking

How does CRST Trucking maintain their safety protocol ?

CRST trucking is the United States’ biggest and safest team carrier and has huge training programs to help polish the driving skills of their employees as this is a very large corporation, it is very safe to assume that they are not going to compromise their integrity and place inexperienced drivers in charge of their deliveries.

CRST trucking provides their training phase in contract with different driving schools to help narrow down manual work. The training is often quite helpful and trains the new drivers to work and get Class-A Commercial Drivers’ License from the state where the school is situated.

The actual training phase of CRST trucking employees consists of three phases. The driving schooling is just phase one of three. Phase two consists of attending an orientation program at one of CRST’s terminals which continues on for four days. This orientation process completes the phase two out of three phases. The last phase or phase three consists of the actual on the job training where you will move cargo across the roads and highways supervised by a CRST Lead Driver aka a trainer.

After completing this phase, you will have to perform a one day exit interview and road testing after which you will get partnered with a co-driver if it is necessary and then sent towards your first delivery. CRST maintains this rigorous training scheme for its employees to ensure proper delivery of your goods and to keep the customers happy and contented.

CRST trucking provides very good benefits to their employees as well, ensuring a more satisfied, more efficient employee. The eligibility for their medical insurance for employees begins after six months of working and is available from the first of the month. They also cover a pretty standard life insurance policy and provide accidental death coverage for your entire family.

Another good aspect of their job is their 20/10 program which ensures that you can get to spend enough time with your family and maintain a standard timing. The 20/10 program is based on the concept that every driver stays on the road for twenty days straight and then stays home for ten days. It is a very efficient technique where one truck is maintained by a group of three drivers who take turns to keep the 20/10 program going smoothly. This program lets you spend a healthy amount of time at home with your family while letting you keep your work timing to a standard amount.

CRST trucking focuses on safety. It is the prime façade of the company and it takes priority over everything else. It is not the cargo or the equipment that takes the highest priority in CRST but the safety of its employees and that of other people on the highway.

It is for this purpose that CRST enables the drivers to decide on their comfort zone. That is because the company knows that many unexpected situations pop up when on the road and dealing with them might be difficult at times, so they allow their drivers to make dynamic decisions and leaves the choice of whether to keep moving or not up to the driver.

Yellow Freight Tracking

What is Yellow Freight Tracking ?

Yellow Freight Tracking was originated in 1924 in Oklahoma when A J Harrell, an entrepreneur in the city of Oklahoma formed a taxi and bus and named it the Yellow Cab Transit Co. The initial name was later changed to Yellow Transit Co. in about nineteen twenty six. The founder hired chemists back then to perform research on figuring out the best, most highly visible color for the transport services as his primary target was maintaining safe cargo transport. In 2009, the company took a new step towards success when it integrated Reimer into the company. With Reimer’s support, Yellow provides their clients with secure, reliable cargo transfer and ease of service access.

Yellow Freight Tracking provides Yellow’s customers to keep track of their cargo’s progress through the route so that they can feel secure about the delivery of the freight. This has its other benefits as well as it keeps the drivers working sincerely and ensures proper delivery time. The tracking mechanism used here keeps a very helpful leash on the cargo and allows quick retrieval of the property in case of theft. The Yellow Freight Tracking Company guarantees product delivery within 12:00pm to 05:00 pm on ground tracking and provides hourly window of delivery.

With Yellow Freight Tracking it becomes very easy to transfer your goods from one location to another as if it is the only request for deliver. This service provides a very brief transition period, helps keep the users satisfied and provides excellent service and severely good customer relations. They provide choice of custom transportation selection where users are allowed to choose the best transport that fits their needs and can ensure the timely delivery of the customer’s goods.

Working conditions at Yellow Freight Tracking is not very good as the company demands most of your time leaving you with barely any time to spend with your family. This tendency came from the company’s founder’s effective and safe transportation policy. The pay is excellent as expected from a leader in the industry. The rest of the working conditions are very good, providing very good training and support for their drivers and ensuring a very good pay, but the work hours are exceptionally lengthy and eats up a lot of our human time to be spent with family and the like so it is a good job offer for bachelor people where they are offered a good amount of money in exchange of their services.

Yellow Freight Tracking focuses on their client’s need to get their goods transferred quickly, reliably and securely. All of these requirements are fulfilled by the Yellow Freight Tracking Company and as such they are the market leaders. They also have a very good tracking support and receive tracking information from different freight tracking software. To ensure your package’s safety they provide many tracking mechanism and ensure that the vehicle will not be missed. Therefore, it is the safest to utilize their service when compared with other companies who fall by a small margin and is suffering from payment.

List of Trucking Companies

Need a List of Trucking Companies ?

Nowadays the internet has made it a lot easier for us to search for anything we want. For example if you are to go on the internet and search for a trucking company, you will find that you will be given an almost endless list of trucking companies. The list does not tell you which is the best trucking company and so that means you will have to decide on your own which will be the top one for your needs.

Well choosing the best trucking company from a list of trucking companies may not be an easy task but there are some general procedures you can follow to take out the poor performers and remain with the best.

A good trucking company will always make sure that your goods are insured. This is very important for in the event that your goods get damaged in transit, insurance pays for them. Therefore you can take out all the trucking companies that do not insure goods as they are a risk to do business with.

The next factor you will need to consider is tracking of the trucks. Some companies make sure that all their trucks are on GPS and they always know where they are. This aids to the security of your goods and makes it easier to determine if your goods have been delivered to their intended destination. So you can then shorten your list of trucking companies by removing the truck companies that do not offer tracking of their trucks.

Some trucking companies offer some discounts to clients that want to form a business relationship with them for a long time. Such companies will provide for you a contract for a certain period which both of you agree on and sign. The contract helps secure your business by guaranteeing that every time you require transport for your goods you will get it and the good part of it is that you will pay less.

So if your business is intended for long term it will be better to deal with companies that offer contracts. This way you can scratch the companies that do not carter for the signing of contracts from the list of trucking companies to do business with you. After a rigorous run through of some of the services each company provide you will be able to identify the trucking company that is ideal for you and best of all that fits your budget.

Roadway Trucking Jobs

Roadway Trucking Jobs Categories

Roadway trucking is well established and has a wide range of job categories. The following are some of the categories of Roadway trucking jobs;

  • There are truck drivers that are known as auto haulers. These truck drivers are specialized to load and carry cars on a specially designed trailer.
  • There are truck drivers known as boat haulers. These drivers move boats of large sizes using some specialized trailers known as low boy trailers.
  • Flat bed drivers who carry tanks, steel pipes and lumber
  • The dry van drivers who operate large trailers on the highway
  • Dry van drivers with pneumatic trailers. These drivers operate special trailers which can be loaded with cement or sand. The pneumatics on the trailers are used to aid in the offloading of the load
  • Drivers who drive trucks which are refrigerated
  • Tanker drivers who transport things such as fuels, chemicals and any other liquids
  • Long haul drivers, those that travel longer distances and also transport goods from state to state.

All the above Roadway trucking jobs require special skills as well as discipline. For example the truck driver that transports liquid will have to develop skills to be able to balance his load considering that liquids moves as the truck will be moving. Controlling such a truck can be very difficult if one is not used to that kind of trucking.

All drivers that are given the Roadway trucking jobs undergo some special training according to their trucking job. They will undergo a training period after which they are tested for their skills to see if they are fit to go on the roads and not prove to be hazardous on the roads.

All Roadway trucking jobs are given to people that are well experienced and have the necessary documents and licences as according to the state laws. This is very necessary so as to maintain safety and order on the roads. Drivers are always monitored to see that they always adhere to all the road safety rules such as maintaining the no drinking and driving rules and sticking to set speed limits. Breaking of traffic rules can cause loss of lives and Roadway trucking is very aware of that and they make sure that their drivers are never caught as the victims of breaking traffic laws. So anytime you want some trucking services, Roadways is the best choice for they are competent in the field.

How to Become a Roadway Trucking Company Driver

Want to Become a Roadway Trucking Company Driver ?

If you have a knack for driving large vehicles such as freight trucks, then you may want to consider a career in roadway trucking as a driver. Although it is a job that requires a lot of responsibility and focus, it is also a fun job that can take you to different places across the country.

If you are seriously considering a career in roadway trucking, here is a list of information that pertains to the benefits as well as the requirements of being a driver.

Benefits. Although certain jobs may take you days to complete and dozens of hours in a single driving session, there are lots of benefits for being employed in a roadway trucking company. For one, you are paid a salary that is substantial and above average.

Besides that, you will also be given paid vacations and paid holidays as well as sick days. You will also be provided with worker’s compensation as well as health and welfare benefits.

Finally, an option for early retirement will also be given if you have been in the service for twenty years.

Requirements. Being a roadway trucking driver entails a lot of responsibility. For one, you will be handling a lot of fragile cargo that you need to get safely between areas of distance. You will also be required to drive for long hours, which can become gruelling if you aren’t used to it.

As for the actual requirements, you will need to have a Class A CDL with Hazmat and Doubles endorsements. You will also be required to have the ability to speak and write in English within the Department of Transportation standards.

Finally, if you are below 22 years of age, you will not be eligible. An applicant with a clean driving record is also preferred for the job as a roadway trucking driver. Good luck!

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