Chicago 23 New Food Truck Stations

Chicago’s 23 Food Truck Stations A Good Start

If all goes according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan, Chicago’s  food trucks will have 23 new designated stations  from which to operate.  Obviously, because the food trucks have been a polarizing — albeit, mostly  one-way — issue for politicians and brick-and-mortar restaurateurs, it would be  impossible to distribute these spots in a diplomatic manner that would please  everyone.

That said, even objectively, their distribution seems a  little queer.

For instance, there are about eight between Wicker Park and  Ukrainian Village, but only three in the Loop. If you’re not up on your  neighborhoods, that means residential areas with low foot traffic during peak  lunching and munching hours are getting double the food-truck access than areas  packed with employee populations. Also, the farthest south they would go — again, if these proposed locations are approved — is 437 S. Columbus Dr. So, if  you’re working in Bronzeville or one of the hospitals further south, you just  can’t eat from a food truck.

“I would have liked to have seen a few more designated stands  on the South Side and some on the West Side, but this is a step in the right  direction,” said Stephanie D. Neely,   Chicago city treasurer. “Food trucks are  small businesses too, they should be everywhere and they help grow the city’s  reputation as a real foodie town.”

It would be easy to speculate about why these spots have  fallen where they have, like how they might have had to contend with existing  contracts with franchisers, for example. But this is still, at least, a start  and gets Chicago a seat at the table with other cities that have long enjoyed  the controversial luxury of walking down the street, seeing a truck and enjoying  food you purchased from it.

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