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How does CRST Trucking maintain their safety protocol ?

CRST trucking is the United States’ biggest and safest team carrier and has huge training programs to help polish the driving skills of their employees as this is a very large corporation, it is very safe to assume that they are not going to compromise their integrity and place inexperienced drivers in charge of their deliveries.

CRST trucking provides their training phase in contract with different driving schools to help narrow down manual work. The training is often quite helpful and trains the new drivers to work and get Class-A Commercial Drivers’ License from the state where the school is situated.

The actual training phase of CRST trucking employees consists of three phases. The driving schooling is just phase one of three. Phase two consists of attending an orientation program at one of CRST’s terminals which continues on for four days. This orientation process completes the phase two out of three phases. The last phase or phase three consists of the actual on the job training where you will move cargo across the roads and highways supervised by a CRST Lead Driver aka a trainer.

After completing this phase, you will have to perform a one day exit interview and road testing after which you will get partnered with a co-driver if it is necessary and then sent towards your first delivery. CRST maintains this rigorous training scheme for its employees to ensure proper delivery of your goods and to keep the customers happy and contented.

CRST trucking provides very good benefits to their employees as well, ensuring a more satisfied, more efficient employee. The eligibility for their medical insurance for employees begins after six months of working and is available from the first of the month. They also cover a pretty standard life insurance policy and provide accidental death coverage for your entire family.

Another good aspect of their job is their 20/10 program which ensures that you can get to spend enough time with your family and maintain a standard timing. The 20/10 program is based on the concept that every driver stays on the road for twenty days straight and then stays home for ten days. It is a very efficient technique where one truck is maintained by a group of three drivers who take turns to keep the 20/10 program going smoothly. This program lets you spend a healthy amount of time at home with your family while letting you keep your work timing to a standard amount.

CRST trucking focuses on safety. It is the prime façade of the company and it takes priority over everything else. It is not the cargo or the equipment that takes the highest priority in CRST but the safety of its employees and that of other people on the highway.

It is for this purpose that CRST enables the drivers to decide on their comfort zone. That is because the company knows that many unexpected situations pop up when on the road and dealing with them might be difficult at times, so they allow their drivers to make dynamic decisions and leaves the choice of whether to keep moving or not up to the driver.


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