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When you have a large package that won’t ship by regular postal mail, you can take advantage of FedEx Freight trucking company. They offer two service options that make your shipping experience simple. Customers can choose from FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy.

Packages that need to be delivered in a timely matter can choose services from FedEx Freight Priority. It is a faster and more efficient trucking company. Using the service can help reduce your business’s inventory carrying costs, increase customer satisfaction and expand your geographical reach.

Often, orders are time-sensitive and must be delivered quickly, which can increase your customers’ satisfaction. You can even monitor the transit times of your product with the shipping manager available online. There is also service available for international countries and offshore destinations such as to and from Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Other delivery options include custom deliveries, am deliveries and close of business deliveries.

FedEx Freight Economy helps its customers meet their basic LTL freight shipping needs and budget. Those using FedEx Freight Economy also have access to an online shipping management to track shipments. Shipping options lso include am delivery, close of business and custom deliveries.

By choosing FedEx Freight trucking company and their shipping options, your items and orders can be shipped whether they are large or small. They offer customized solutions that can deliver items either across town or even across the country. Shipments can be consolidated from multiple warehouses and can also set an exact release to market date for the latest product that your business may be carrying. Before choosing the service that best fits your needs, you can get a specialized quote for either large or small shipments and find the best selection of transportation that will fit your needs best.

When time is really critical and you need your product there the fastest, FedEx also offers FedEx Expedited Freight Services. These services are exceptionally critical when you need shipping services that are faster than the standard. Transit options include exclusive use vehicles, aircraft to premium air freight. Shipping can be made to and from the border.

Companies who conduct business and sales across the border do not have to worry about making sure their product reaches its customers. By using services from FedEx Freight trucking company, shipping is available to Canada, Mexico and other selected countries. FedEx Freight offers special forms to help you assist you for shipping internationally.

Businesses and companies who have products that need to be transported by freight other than standard shipping procedures can take advantage of all the services that FedEx Freight has to offer. Meeting the satisfaction of customers is important when it comes to business and selling a product. Being able to ship items in a timely matter to get them where they need to be is extremely important to the success of all companies.


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