Truckers You Are Being Watched

As reported at cameras are being installed in trucks to watch truckers.  Why you ask ?  Well, four eyes are better than two ?

STRAFFORD, Mo. — New camera technology gives truck drivers an extra set of eyes on the road. Semi trucks might seem big and imposing on the interstate, and many commuters might blame the trucker in case of an accident.

Along I-44 in Strafford Missouri, 18-wheeled trucks pulled in and out of the TA truck stop every minute. Scott Tibbles watched the scene, his first experience of the US trucking industry.

“It seems to be a much bigger industry here, and very different as well,” Tibbles said. “You can’t really compare it to the UK.”

At just 21 years old, Tibbles is already an international businessman. His latest business venture is a company called SmartCam Direct. The company manufactures small hi-definition cameras that stick to a car’s windshield, and see up everything that happens on the road.

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Many cyclists are attaching similar GoPro cameras to their gear to catch belligerent drivers on city streets. Now truckers are applying the same principle. That’s why a former trucker named Bill Gremminger sells the cameras that Tibbles manufactures.

“There’s a lot of advantages that drivers can have with a camera, especially in transportation,” Gremminger said, “to help them out or to help them avoid any illegal ramifications as far as their job is concerned.”

In other words, the cameras serve as proof in case of an accident. Truck drivers are especially at risk for litigation. They’re big and imposing on the roadway, but the cameras show that the driver isn’t always at fault.

“For the insurance companies it’s a massive thing,” Tibbles said. “It will save you money, it will save your insurance or your license.”

The cameras are different than a consumer model like a GoPro. For one thing, they’re cheaper, and automatically turn on with a vehicle’s ignition.

Even so, Tibbles said it’s hard to market such a product here.

“I don’t think it’s something that people need over here until it’s pushed in their faces,” he said. “Over in the UK, you show it to someone and they automatically see the need for it.”

Gremminger said truck drivers aren’t always tech-savvy, but that a camera could protect them against company pressure to drive faster and harder.

“Drivers are under a lot of pressure to get there on time or drive in adverse weather conditions,” Gremminger said. “Trucking companies are wary because they know that within their company is a pool of drivers who are concerned about their driving habits.”

According to, there are nearly half a million trucking accidents every year.




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