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In the current economy finding a good steady job might seem like an impossible thing to find, however the trucking industry is more alive than ever before and for those who have their commercial trucking license and own their own truck best times are still ahead with huge money making possibilities right at your doorstep. There are quite a few ways to find a trucking job which suits your needs but one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it is with out a doubt to go to a place where companies are looking for available truck drivers. At the website of truckersearch which can be found at truckers can post their resume and let the hundreds of companies pick your name out the the resumes that are currently in the database. Once you fill in the application form on the website and finish your resume, your resume will be send out to all companies which are in need of your skills in the huge database they have. Its all perfectly organised and you can always edit the information you have posted on their website and the best thing about it is you dont have anything to lose because its free to join as a driver. We have heard truck drivers sending their resumes and getting a call within an hour for a job offering, it cannot get more simple than that.

If you own your own truck there are other and maybe more possibilities for a driver to make a good payday. The only thing you have to do is to go where you are needed. How to do such a thing ? Just go on the internet and find the loads which are ready to be picked up in your area. A good website to start doing this is Direct Freight Services which can be found at This is the biggest freight matching service on the internet with over 100.000 unique loads posted daily and is currently giving away 15 day free trials for their service. When you create a account at Direct Freight you can start searching for loads immediately or if you can’t find a good load you can also post your truck into their database so that you will directly be notified about available loads in your area. Other great functionalities of the website are updated weather reports, credit scores, deadhead miles and trip miles, email alerts and much much more. Their service is very easy to use and you can post an unlimited amount of trucks or loads through fax, email, ftp or online to a great amount of companies. So get out there you have nothing to lose but a free membership that is waiting for you to get picked up.

Logistics Directory

If you are looking for a directory that has business, educational or logistics transportation information, you can search on

It is rated the number one directory and research website. For businesses looking to expand, you can also find reliable business partners and help to make informed decisions. Business owners can also list their information for increased exposure.

Azlogistics offer both free and paid listings to be added to the directory. Businesses can take advantage of the many features that are available by listing in the directory.

A few of the features include

*Business description

*Contact information

*Link to your website, Twitter and Facebook accounts

*Map of your location

*Rating and reviews from your customers

*Contact form for interested visitors

*Search engine submission

Not only are there features that you can take full advantage of by adding your business listing, but there are several benefits too. It only takes just a few seconds to list your business and also it can be updated or changed at any time.

If your company can’t afford the full membership, there is a free basic listing can help generate more business. By placing your business on the website, you can reach thousands of new visitors every day. Not only is it just listed on the website, but you will be announced on Twitter and Facebook for Azlogistics. Listings are also submitted to major search engines to increase your chances of exposure.

For even more exposure, there is also advertising packages to choose from. Choose the size of your banner and increase the chances of more visitors seeing your business.

While the the website brings many opportunities for business owners, there is also plenty of other resources for visitors as well. Visitors can browse the directory if they are looking for someone to do business with or a logistics service provider that can meet your needs.

By visiting Azlogistics and putting their tools to use, your logistics transportation information can have ideal exposure and help increase your business. You can also help others by providing extra resources to help answer logistics questions. To further contact Azlogistics, you can do so by completing the contact form on the website.

Funding with 1st Commercial Credit

1st Commercial Credit Background

Freight Factoring Company – 1st Commercial Credit provides trucking companies with a line of credit to cover expenses and factoring services for the USA, Canada and UK. If your trucking business is in need of funding, you can contact 1st Commercial Credit. They offer group discounts on fuel and accept copies for funding. The 30 day factoring truck rates start out as low as 0.69% to 1.59%.

Many of 1st Commercial Credit’s clients are small start up companies or fast growing freight companies where their past earnings and sales history cannot justify their increased borrowing. Almost all freight companies can qualify for a credit line as long as they haul for credit worthy shippers or freight brokers and they have not pledged accounts receivable as collateral.

Small Fleets

Small fleets have no up front fees to set up and receive a 4.9% flat rate. There are no monthly minimums. They offer free credit checks online, can have you set up within three days and offer same day funding.

Mid to Large Fleets

Mid to large fleets need to have at least a 10k monthly minimum. No up front fees are required and there is no need to over-night mail. 1st Commercial Credit can have you set up within three days and offer you free credit checks online. No financials are needed up to 350k. Same day funding is also available.

Freight Brokers

Freight Brokers must have a 10k monthly minimum. Custom rates are available for large freight brokers. The rates begin at 0.69% up to 1.59%. You can schedule online payments and be set up within three days. ACH and wires to carriers are available. Free credit checks are offered and you can apply for instant credit increases. Your company must have all permits in place.

Why choose 1st Commercial Credit?

To see how your trucking company could qualify for funding, there are free quotes available online. There are a variety of reasons why you should feel safe choosing 1st Commercial Credit. Some of their features include fuel card discounts, flexible approvals and same day decisions, simple with no upfront fees requested, cash flow is provided to trucking companies every day, affordable freight factoring rates and initial funding is set up within three to five days.

With these added features, you can sign up for more loads by granting credit terms to new customers. There will never be a reason to have to borrow money for fuel, payroll, permits or other trucking expenses. One truck operators are accepted. Large fleets can qualify for credit lines up to $10 million dollars.


You can contact 1st Commercial Credit to help credit your trucking business by requesting a quote online or calling them at 1-800-876-6071, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also an online form at callback. You can fill it out for a call back or online quote.

Trucks and Pics

Aside from the usual business posts i make on this website i thought it was time for something else today. While i was surfing the net today looking for new trucking related information to share with the visitors of i stumbled on a website that was all about Hank’s Truck Pictures A web site for everyone who loves trucks. Featuring over 350,000 truck pictures from North American and all over the world. Im sure you won’t find any other website out there that has more pictures of trucks than this one. The pictures are categorized in brands such as Freightliner, Dodge and Ford trucks just to name a few. I have to guess here but i think that this website started mainly as a hobby and grew bigger over time and is still being updated at least monthly till now.

Trucking information directory

For those who have been trucking for quite some time you know how difficult it is to find things that help you make your work easier. When your always going to new places it can be quite a hassle to find a gas station which has supplies or other things that are usefull for us truckers. Thankfully nowadays we have the internet which helps us find each other so we can all try to help each other the best way we can, information is the key to a better trucking lifestyle. For example at JR’s Freight Finders you will find an entire directory of shippers, facts about trucking and freight factoring, some trucking games to play and even trucking appearal and accesories such as hats, tshirts or cool truck lighters. On this website of JR (Jeanne Roughface) you can find a huge database of shippers who will work with outside carriers, a membership is required to use his service but for those who are in this business this should not really be a problem. Take care out there all of you and god bless.

Trucking jobs are out there

Some truckers out there just cant seem to find a job that suits their needs, although some might say its quite easy to find a job as long as you are making enough effort to find one. The internet is a great resource for this, there are so many trucking blogs, forums, directories, job and trucking loads sites out there which unite all truckers and help them on their way. Im quite suprised to see how close this community is everyone seems willing to help each other and advice is given by everyone to everyone it doesn’t matter if your new to the business or a hardcore trucker.

Especially to those new in the business we recommend to take a few days and really get into all the reading material out there. Unfortunatly there are some people out there who have bad intentions which can be easily avoided just by reading some of the warning posts on different blogs and forums and the best thing is thats its all free !

A good place to start searching for information would be Trucking Companies Hiring Truck Drivers – Offering trucking jobs, recruiter services, streaming video, and a community for truck drivers. Its definitly a place to find good information and take our advice and take a look at their forum and meet some of the truckers who seem to be living on this forum.

A very easy way to get yourself a job in the trucking industry is filling out the online trucking job application form at – Top Paying Truck Driver Jobs or at which will allmost certainly lead you to a new job.

Trucking through the snow

As reported by 2 News – … DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Carl Henkel has been driving a truck for four years.

And he’s always watching others on the road when it’s snowing.

“Some are crazy,” he says.

Henkel was driving from Fremont to Grand Rapids Wednesday during the snow storm.

“The fastest I went was like 40 miles an hour.  Traffic was slow.  It was about one lane open.  It took me close to 6 hours.  It normally only takes me four, if that,” explains Henkel.

So he’s trying to beat the next one.

“Just got to watch everything around you and slow down.  If it gets really bad, you just have to pull over,” he comments.

Henkel says whether you’re driving a big rig or a car, give yourself plenty to time and space to get to your destination.

“When you tailgate, it’s just going to be harder for people, especially for trucks that are just sliding everywhere, even cars, it’s hard to stop right away when it’s slick and icy,” Henkel explains.



Trucking through the snow

Judge denies lawsuit against trucking company

Well, this is quite weird – underpaying employees – how did they get away with this ?  As reported at, a North Carolina judge has decertified a class action lawsuit against CEVA Freight. The suit alleged the trucking company was underpaying some 2,000 drivers across the nation.

U.S. District Court Judge Frank D. Whitney had certified the class in January 2011, but depositions taken since then show that many of the drivers negotiated individual contracts with the carrier.

Whitney cited the Supreme Court decision in Wal-Mart vs. Dukes in his decision to decertify the class because it lacked the commonality necessary for a class-action suit, according to a Business and Management Daily report.

Unless the drivers’ attorneys can win certification on appeal, the individual drivers will have to pursue remedies individually.

As a practical matter, many will not because their individual circumstances will not entice a lawyer to represent them, the report explained.

CEVA was formed in August 2007 as a result of the merger of TNT Logistics and EGL Eagle Global Logistics and is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, providing end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation management and distribution management.

Gladstone Capital Invests $14M in Ag Trucking

As reported at the Washington Business Journal, McLean-based finance company Gladstone Capital Corp. invested $14 million in debt and equity Dec. 24 into Goshen, Ind.-based Ag Trucking Inc., the company announced Wednesday. Gladstone partnered with Investments on the deal.

Ag Trucking is a regional food-grade liquid and dry bulk carrier founded in 1978. It serves large agricultural and food manufacturers out of five terminals in the Midwest and Southeast.

“Gladstone Capital is excited about investing in Ag Trucking. The company has a stable business model with many opportunities for growth,” said Chip Stelljes, President of Gladstone Capital (Nasdaq: GLAD), which has $293 million in assets and about 50 portfolio companies.

This was Gladstone’s first time working with with Investments and its Principal Dale LeFebvre. The companies aim to continue collaborating on other deals.

Gladstone is a business development company, which is similar to venture capital. It invests in small and medium sized businesses mostly through senior term loans, second lien term loans and senior subordinated term loans.

Trucking Firm in Long Island Freeway Crash Had Violations

As reported by Associated Press and Long Island News,

SHIRLEY — A trucking company involved in a deadly 35-vehicle pileup on the Long Island Expressway has a blemished safety record.

Newsday reports that Jewell Transportation Inc. has been cited at least 23 times for unsafe driving since 2011.

Federal transportation records show that the company’s fleet has also been involved in several accidents, including a fatal wreck last July in upstate New York.

A rig owned by the Vermont company collided with several other vehicles and caught fire Wednesday in a chain-reaction that killed a 68-year-old woman and left another driver critically injured.

Police say the accident happened near Exit 68 in Shirley at 2:40 p.m.

Raymond Simoneau, 42, of Rockingham, Vermont, was driving a tractor-trailer eastbound on the LIE when his vehicle struck a number of cars.

Following the initial collision, a chain-reaction crash occurred. A total of 35 vehicles were involved.

The tractor-trailer, which was carrying storm debris, and two additional vehicles caught fire and were extinguished by fire department personnel.

A Blue Point woman, 68, was driving a Toyota Camry eastbound on the LIE when her vehicle was involved in the crash.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Approximately 33 people were injured and were transported to area hospitals including Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in East Patchogue, Stony Brook University Hospital and St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson.

At least one of those injured, a 57-year-old man, is in serious condition.

The Long Island Expressway is closed eastbound at exit 66 and westbound at exit 69. The road will be closed for several hours, officials said. Westbound traffic should be reopened in time for the Thursday morning rush.

Police have yet to say whether the truck’s driver was at fault.

The rig was hauling debris from Superstorm Sandy.

An attorney for the trucking company and the driver says they are cooperating with the investigation.










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