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For those who have been trucking for quite some time you know how difficult it is to find things that help you make your work easier. When your always going to new places it can be quite a hassle to find a gas station which has supplies or other things that are usefull for us truckers. Thankfully nowadays we have the internet which helps us find each other so we can all try to help each other the best way we can, information is the key to a better trucking lifestyle. For example at JR’s Freight Finders you will find an entire directory of shippers, facts about trucking and freight factoring, some trucking games to play and even trucking appearal and accesories such as hats, tshirts or cool truck lighters. On this website of JR (Jeanne Roughface) you can find a huge database of shippers who will work with outside carriers, a membership is required to use his service but for those who are in this business this should not really be a problem. Take care out there all of you and god bless.


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