Trucking through the snow

As reported by 2 News – … DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Carl Henkel has been driving a truck for four years.

And he’s always watching others on the road when it’s snowing.

“Some are crazy,” he says.

Henkel was driving from Fremont to Grand Rapids Wednesday during the snow storm.

“The fastest I went was like 40 miles an hour.  Traffic was slow.  It was about one lane open.  It took me close to 6 hours.  It normally only takes me four, if that,” explains Henkel.

So he’s trying to beat the next one.

“Just got to watch everything around you and slow down.  If it gets really bad, you just have to pull over,” he comments.

Henkel says whether you’re driving a big rig or a car, give yourself plenty to time and space to get to your destination.

“When you tailgate, it’s just going to be harder for people, especially for trucks that are just sliding everywhere, even cars, it’s hard to stop right away when it’s slick and icy,” Henkel explains.



Trucking through the snow


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