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Who Is USF Reddaway ?

Moving stuff to a new residence that you just transferred to can be really stressful. It can even be worse if you have a small business that is changing location because you will have to move even more things. Not everyone has the necessary equipment to lessen the frustrations of transporting large cargo. One of the biggest and most expensive requirements is a large vehicle like a truck.

Ordinary cars simply do not make the cut but they are still the most popular vehicles owned by people.

Roadway trucking services exist so they can help you transport the cargo so you can concentrate on more important things. Because you are letting these companies handle your cargo, it is important that you pick a trustworthy service and USF Reddaway wants to be that reliable service.


About USF Reddaway Tracking

USF Reddaway is a trucking firm that is currently operated by YRC Regional Transportation. YRC Worldwide also owns USF Holland, New Penn and YRC Reimer. USF Reddaway is primarily a less than truckload shipping service so it should be able to handle LTL shipments weighing between around 150 pounds to as much as 20,000 pounds. The service can also consolidate the freight from various shippers into one truckload for convenience.

The company currently services the western part of the United States as well as western areas in Canada. There are 50 service centers operating a fleet of more than 1,000 tractors and 5,000 trailers.


USF Reddaway Reception

One customer review posted back in 2009 claims that the customer wasn’t very happy with the way USF Reddaway communicates with people. He received a call from USF Reddaway Tracking claiming that the service would deliver to the destination on that day.

However, the delivery did not take place because USF Reddaway failed to mention that they can only visit that destination if their trailer is full. Fortunately, the shipment still arrived but the customer preferred to pick up the shipment at their dock which USF Reddaway rejected.

There are some more recent positive reviews that show that USF Reddaway vastly improved in service which is always a good thing. Customers started giving the company more respect when USF Reddaway announced a new service back in December 2011.

This service will issue alerts to customers whenever there are situations that may potentially impact their supply chain.

This change should bring the service a lot closer to customers so they always know what is going on. For instance, customers that use the service during the winter season will realize any inconveniences ahead of time so they can make their own plans.

The service alert is delivered via email and users can also check out the website at to see the latest updates regarding weather and other circumstances.



USF Reddaway has a huge advantage over other firms because of its long history and tie-ups to other companies owned by YRC Worldwide. The holding company was founded back in 1919 so they have a lot of worldwide experience. As a result, USF Reddaway has plans to expand so their services can cover other areas beyond the west coast. This progress is really showing since there are now terminals in Colorado and Utah and even going as far as Alaska.

The trucks that they use are also very impressive and that shows how much they care about the cargo that the company is shipping. Some of their trucks are uniquely designed with a bull-guard on the front of the truck for added protection. The International Prostar 9400 twin-screw and Volvo VNM are great vehicle choices for doing the handy work for transporting.

Overall, USF Reddaway lives up to the standard of other subsidiaries of YRC like Holland and New Penn so you checking for reviews in those services should give you a good idea on what to expect from USF Reddaway. It is very easy to contact the company to get more information because they have an active website.


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