Washington Truck Driver Boom

Truck drivers booming in Washington state

Chris Knapp returned to his home town of Mount Vernon, giving up his blackjack casino dealing job in Nevada. Sounds like a good idea, or a bad idea ?  In this case, a good idea for sure.  He came home to take care of his sick parents, but hasn’t been able to find decent work for at least four years. He’s now working part-time at a convenience store.

“It’s hard,” he said. “800 or 900 bucks a month ain’t enough to survive on.”

Now, strangely enough, a new economic upturn is happening in Washington. The trucking industry is hitting on all cylinders right now.   More than half-a-million jobs are expected to open up nationwide over the next eight years.

“I never really pictured myself as a truck driver, but it’ll put food and money on the table,” said Knapp.

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