Who is YRC Freight Company ?

YRC is a transportation company. YRC is a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc., which is itself a Fortune 500 company that is known far and wide as one of the biggest providers of transportation services in all of the world. In fact, YRC Worldwide is a holding company that includes a host of profitable companies like YRC, New Penn, YRC Reimer, Reddaway and Holland.


History of YRC

The history of YRC goes back all the way to 1924. In that year, one A.J. Harrell, who was an entrepreneur from Oklahoma City, established a bus-and-taxi service that he started to call Yellow Cab Transit Co. By 1926, this Oklahoma City entrepreneur had shortened the name down to just Yellow Transit Co.

At about the same time in Akron, Ohio, the brothers by the name of Carroll and Galen Roush were leaving their own mark on the history of transportation via starting up Roadway Express, which they founded all the way back in December of 1930. Roadway Express saw a good deal of success right from its inception, which actually surprised no one at all because of the brothers’ approach to the business.

For example, the brothers quickly realized that service providers who were diligent at honoring their commitments would also more easily retain their customers as well as attract new ones.

One way that the brothers made good on this philosophy can be demonstrated in the following example. If, for instance, none of his company trucks were actually available for a rush pickup, he would simply rent a truck from someone else and then personally manage the shipment for the customer!

Now in 1952, Reimer Express Lines was established as it founded a line between Winnipeg, Canada, and Windsor in the Canadian province of Ontario. Reimer Express Lines was therefore one of the very first businesses that provided east-to-west trucking traffic in Canada.

Reimer Express Lines continued to do well enough that by 1969, it was actually in the business of offering customers coast-to-coast trucking services in Canada.

As the years wore on, both Roadway Express and Yellow Transit Co. continued to grow to the point that they were recognized as the two, most dominant transportation services providers in the U.S. At the same time, the fledgling Reimer Express Lines expanded to the point that it eventually grew into the biggest common carrier in all of Canada.

Fast forward to 1997, and Roadway Express bought the Canadian Reimer Express Lines, thus establishing a very efficient cross-border gateway and also improving the transportation services from Canada all the way down to Mexico.

By 2003, these companies united under the banner of Yellow Roadway Corp (YRC). Now although things such as back-office functions and other operations were unified in what is best described as a best-practices philosophy, the 3 companies actually still stayed both independent as well as strong in the industry.

2009 saw the company make the next, reasonable step in its effective transformation.

YRC incorporated the pride and the strength of every, respective company. As a result, this company now offers its customers the most expansive as well as flexible choices of supply-chain answers on the face of the Earth.


What YRC does


As a big company that has a history going back almost 100 years, YRC provides its customers with a multitude of transportation services. For one, the company has a wide range of areas in which it provides its services. It has a reputation for offering seamless transportation services all over the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Its transportation services in the U.S. even include places such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Alaska.

YRC also is known for offering its customers very dependable transportation services that are categorized as two- and three-day services, as well as coast-to-coast services. All of these choices provide customers with a way to connect the key markets.

For those times when customers require absolutely critical transportation services such as YRC tracking or YRC freight, the company provides expedited deliveries either by air or by ground through its appropriately named YRC Time-Critical Service. In the same spirit, the company also assures customers that it is capable of providing them with delivery windows that are guaranteed.

As such, the company has the means to successfully accommodate most any time window requirements, whether said requirements happen over multiple days, at just one, specific day or even at one, exact hour.

Further, if a customer wants to ship something such as even one shipment or even a whole trailer, the company offers them dedicated, protective services for the duration of the transportation. Also, if there are custom projects that YRC receives, it will offer its customers logistics management as well as special project management.

Through its YRC Global Logistics service, the company furnishes its customers with both logistics as well as transportation for shipments that are export- and import-based. Finally, the company also provides its customers with a range of transportation options such as product returns, cold-sensitive products, tradeshow exhibitions and volume shipments.


Leadership in the Industry

This company is one that is an industry leader in the following ways. For one, YRC is the only provider of transportation in the whole industry that assures the delivery of any tradeshow exhibitions for no additional charge. Likewise, it is the one and only provider of transportation that furnishes people with committed protection as well as a guarantee for any standard transit shipments through its Sealed Divider Service.

It is also the only provider of transportation that actually features its own reps right on-site at all of the major, North American, border-crossing points. This is done to help its customers get through customs in a more efficient and speedy manner.


Commitment to Safety

When you are a trucking company as big and storied as YRC, you have got to put a premium on safety, especially since its transportation services cover a whole lot of ground across quite a few countries. To this end, YRC can boast of having one driver on its team who has actually logged a stretch of greater than 5 million miles without even getting into an accident one time. Furthermore, YRC linehaul drivers at the company’s Memphis, Tennessee, service center are proud to hold the all-time, safe-driving record of YRC.

Said linehaul drivers at the company’s Memphis, Tennessee, service center—for a stretch of time that lasted from May 20, 2002, all the way to January 22, 2003—drove an astonishing 25,443,130 miles without so much as being involved in just one accident that ended up being preventable.

YRC is the kind of company that has a very good pedigree because it has a time-honored reputation to uphold and to protect. From all the decades that this company has been in business, it has clearly developed an intimate understanding of what customers expect, how to keep customers satisfied and also how to serve its customers in the best way possible for a provider of transportation services.

From unassuming roots in two American locations and one Canadian location, this company has expanded in its almost 100-year history to today being one of the very biggest providers of transportation services.

The company has exceled at allowing its customers to transport whatever they want to over great distances. If people are searching for solutions in the way of supply-chain requirements, then YRC is the company that they want to use for this purpose.


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